Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Freezing Rain - NOT My Favorite Thing

Remember Julie Andrews singing about her favorite things in "The Sound of Music"? I guarantee that roads of ice and tractionless tires weren't on her extensive and rather exhaustive list of faves. They most certainly aren't on my list either. I have no idea how good/bad the roads will be for me this morning, but as I drove home last night we were already starting to get freezing rain. Since the past two winters were really mild, I haven't had an icy drive to the gym yet. Today may be the first. ICK! 

I'm not making a list of favorite things, but driving on ice
will never make that list. Nope - never! 

Aearwen found the missing prompts for the 365-day-meme list so I'm totally up to 365 days now. Of course, that means I'll be posting two a day until I'm caught up, and of course I'll normally be posting two a day on either Saturday or Monday since I don't post my blog on Sundays (my day to sleep in and be with DH). So here we go - two days for January 2 and 3. 

DH and I twist around each other, different and yet
the same. We approach things in opposite manners, yet
achieve the same joint goals. Usually we work pretty
well together and complement each other. 

2          What are you most grateful for?

I have to go with DH for this one. We've been together for 40 years this year, and we've had our ups and downs, but no matter how annoying he may sometimes be to me, deep down I know he loves me. I'm NOT an easy person to live with (nor is he), but somehow we manage to complement each other in the important ways. I often think of the two of us as the twin helix twist of DNA. 

This was DH a few years ago celebrating
his birthday with "the boys". Unfortunately,
since Matt's cancer, he rarely gets together
with them any more. I think he misses that. 

3          Are you content?

In the main, I'd have to say "yes". I have a wonderful husband, a nice house, a business that still manages to pay our bills and keep us going, I'm still healthy (looking for wood upon which to knock) and I still have a sharp mind (most of the time). I'm much luckier than many in this world, so for me to not be content would be ... well ... ungrateful and rather stupid. No, I'm very fortunate. 

I'm hoping I don't have much ice to deal with on the way to the gym. It's white out there, but it doesn't look like we got a lot of snow. Of course, we don't need a lot to have a nice, ice base. Here's hoping you have a wonderful Tuesday. Be safe, be happy! 

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