Thursday, January 19, 2017

Domestic Cards -- A Celebration In Color and Foil

I'm feeling much better now, so I'm back on track. Last week I shared the international holiday cards I had received. Today, I'm taking a break from the 365-day meme to show some of the lovely domestic cards that I got from friends near and far. So here we go ...

International - Netherlands - Rhapsody11
There are glittery jewels along the sides of this lovely
card, as well as bits of glitter throughout the
tree. She said that her daughter chose it for me
because I make jewelry. It was the perfect choice! 

First - one international card that arrived too late to get it into the last card post. This beauty from Rhapsody in the Netherlands touched my heart when she said her daughter chose it specially for me. Hugs and many thank you's to you and your daughter!

California - Pam and Jim

Pam (Poo) and I have known each other for many years. We've roomed together at Bead & Button shows for more than ten years, and we've taught each other many aspects of craft and skill. I blame her totally for my diving into metal clay. I'm sure I was equally bad to her in other aspects of craft. She hand-made this gateway opening card with embossed and embellished panels and an oriental opening cover. Just lovely!

California - Shirebound

Shirebound, my long-time friend in California, gave me Monet! This wonderful winter landscape entitled "The Magpie" is evocative and so wonderful. Every time I look at it I see new things. What a perfect choice! 

Florida - Tinnean

Switching coasts to Florida, this wonderful and whimsical card came from Tinnean. It is a softly foiled background with silver foil words and colored foil embellishments, which of course doesn't come through well in a scan. But it's lovely, and sparkly, and asks the perfect question. I've never had the answer to this question, so I've never quite mastered the whole 'growing up' thing. 

Georgia - Tom and Mary

Friends of DH, Tom teaches flying and Mary is a high poobah at the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia. This card is a soft grey with silver foil for all of the center elements except the two cardinals in the trees. Do you see them? A beautiful card from long-time friends. 

Idaho - Kaishin

Kaishin is a relatively new friend and we just click beautifully. Her card had me laughing. I just love this old car loaded down with gifts. Is it real or is it a model? Or does that really matter? No - what matters is the colorful gifts and the dear, loaded down car. I really enjoyed this one, it was beautifully designed and a lot of fun to look at. 

Minnesota - Jenybeth

Last year Jenybeth made me a wonderful polar bear climbing a mountain of snow towards a star in the sky. This year she made me a shy fox with a holiday tree, a soft wire halo and an embossed background of stars against the soft black field. It a truly elegant card with whimsy and a sense of style all her own. She's a young and talented friend, it's an honor to have known her throughout her life. 

North Carolina - Alexcat

Alexcat has been an LJ friend for many years now and she sent this wonderful, very pudgy dove of peace - a very hippy and colorful dove. Of course I fell in love with it. The balance of colors, the bits of gold pulling the eye to the wings and the head, and of course the message - "Peace on Earth" - something that all of us want so very much. Thank you for such a lovely card. 

Nebraska - Samtyr

Only another person from the Great Plains could understand our crazy storms up here in Minnesota. Samtyr and a couple of other friends from the central US experience weather the way that we do - the highs and lows, the storms and the ice. Here, a very contented and well-dressed penguin had better be keeping a close eye out. He's heading for the trees, so better stay on the groomed slopes. It's an adorable card. 

Pennsylvania - Erviniae

Last, but certainly NOT least, is this absolutely scrumptious card from Erviniae. The rooftop and chimneys are actually cut out and snowy glitter is on the roof as well as the top of every garland and window. It't a holiday delight and I adored it. In fact, I really want to make one similar to it because it's so cute! 

So tomorrow it's a Project Runway Jr post (if it is broadcast tonight), then I'll be back to the 365-day meme. Have a fun Thursday, and thanks once again to everyone who brightened my holiday season up by allowing me to send them a card, and/or by sending me a card of their own. I am SO fortunate in my friends! 

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