Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Bouncing Thoughts

I've been daydreaming so today will be short. What was I daydreaming about? I was looking at possible ebooks to add to my "to buy" list, I was looking at where my state ranks in the "most dangerous states" listing (we're one of the safest 15, so pretty good all around), and I was reading an author's blog.

I'm relatively new to Pinterest, and find it a horrible time
sink. But it is nice to collect photos of things that interest
me in a virtual corkboard. 

I was looking at pretty pictures, daydreaming about catching up on some Pins at Pinterest later today, and looking at my dear friend Shruti's holiday card which finally arrived yesterday (it was a long journey from India).

It took a LONG time for Shruti's card to arrive this year. It would have been
faster if it had come via elephant. 

I was contemplating what I needed to do today (taxes, some research), and what I need to do tomorrow (grocery shopping, laundry, taking many books to Half-Priced Books). I was thinking about getting back to editing several drabbles and adding another two to the pile. I looked around me to make sure that I had all of my swimming gear ready to go. I printed out a mail order for a lot of beads that I think are probably in very short supply. (That order may end up unfilled - I'll know later this morning.)

I used to spend hours playing pinball machines, now
I play video games on my Nook tablet or my phone

My mind slips and whirls around thoughts like balls through a pinball machine. I hit this bumper and that, veer off in odd directions, cause lots of light and motion and bells and whistles, and finally fall down the side chute, only to reappear and begin again. It's a higher-tech hamster wheel.

Sometimes I just can't calm my thoughts. I'm on a
hamster wheel of the mind. 

On that note, time to start finding pics and wrapping up for the day. Have a wonderful Tuesday, all! My friend Matt will finally be released from the hospital to return home today. Since he was admitted on Christmas Eve, it's been a long haul this time. *hugs* to Matty and his family.

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