Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Early and Fast - Snow and More Snow

I wrecked up my hip/lower back on Sunday carrying boxes of books around the house and although I seem to manage fairly well during the day, at night the pain has been interfering with my sleep. Add to that the fact that we're under a Winter Storm Warning with 2"-5" falling between 6:00 am and Noon, and I finally gave up on sleep at 2:30 am.

Ick - 'nuff said. 

I'll have to go out and shovel before I leave for the gym, drive VERY carefully through a lot of blowing snow to get there, and repeat the shoveling when I return after turning on the shop computers and getting to the grocery store. It's also a trash and recycling day, so my bins will be curbside, ready to be buried by the municipal snowplows. Oh joy!

I'll have to set the bins a bit farther back from the street
or they'll be buried by the snowplows working to clear
the roadway. 

Here's hoping your Wednesday will be less physical than mine most likely will turn out to be.

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