Monday, January 9, 2017

Monday, Monday

Starting out with some positive things today:

  • It's above zero degrees and will be for several days in a row this week. Whoot! 
  • It's also not snowing (yet) although it probably will be a little bit by the end of the day. 
  • I'm off to see my Chiropractor this morning - first time this year. Call me happy! 

Dr Pat is my Chiropractor of many years now. He's
been a tremendous find for me and has done wonders
keeping me in one piece. 

Yesterday was a day off, so after sleeping in (always welcomed when I can), and breakfast (the most 'essential' meal of the day), DH and I set in to work on sorting through the remainder of the paperback books. I now have 16 boxes waiting to be taken to Half-Price Books on Wednesday for resale, and four and a half boxes in the library to do a quick and dirty alpha sort on and put into our shelving. I'm seeing an end to the paperbacks, but then I'll need to dive into the hardcovers. That, in many ways, will be harder because they take up more space and generally mean more to us. Nonetheless, it must happen.

This week's games will break the final eight teams into a final four. I'm
pleased to see Pittsburgh in the line-up, I've always liked
them. I also like Seattle and Green Bay. These games could
be very fun to watch. 

Neither of our football teams made it to the playoff rounds, so although we did watch football yesterday, it wasn't a "must see". This weekend is a divisional round, followed by the divisional championship and, finally, the Super Bowl. Not having a team in the fracas means I can cheer for any of the remaining teams. It's rather fun that way.

I have too many FaceBook friends and contacts to manage them
with any clarity. I'm losing track of friends I want to keep touch
with and getting buried in postings that are more work-related.
I really want to get rid of the work aspect and concentrate
on the friend aspect instead. 

I haven't looked at FaceBook since before the Christmas holiday. I have popped in to wish a couple of friends a "Happy Birthday", but except for that, have allowed it to lie dormant. I'm always torn about FB. I need it to stay in touch with people personally and professionally, but it's also a time sink and somewhat (quite) annoying. Every so often I'm tempted to wipe clear my "friends" list and start again, but there are too many professional contacts and groups I belong to and it would be a blow to my professional life. I might indulge in that after I retire in a few years.

Mondays can be very good, so I'll think that this Monday
will be an excellent day. Optimism is good! 

On that note, it's time to get going. I'll have a shortened swim since I see Dr Pat early this am, but the roads should be in good shape for the longer drive out to his office, so I'm quite happy about that. Have a great Monday!

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