Thursday, December 15, 2016

Wrapping Up Christmas Gifts - Or Not

Yesterday was a day for the stocking stuffers that weren't. Of course, that leaves me to shop next week for stocking stuffers that actually can appear in DH's stocking. He was in a foul mood yesterday anyway, so I rationalized all of it with my putting him onto the "naughty" list. Maybe coal might be an appropriate gift anyway given our frozen temperatures.

At this time of the year, you REALLY DON'T
want to be put onto the "Naughty" list! 

I wanted to get him a set of snow goggles. I looked them up on-line and thought - OK, if it has "X" designation, I will know how much glare is cut down and I can make a reasonable judgment about whether it will fit over his eyeglasses or not. I was SO wrong. The models shown didn't have a glare reduction "X" designation, and I couldn't tell whether they would fit or not. They looked much more cosmetic than actually something to help to improve visibility in the snow. In short, the sporting goods store didn't get my money.

It was a great idea in principle. I know he would have
loved it, but unless you're there at least three times a
week, it's too expensive. Using the mug gives you free
beverages for the year in the mug, but we're only there
one day a week. 

The second thing I thought about getting him was the "Bottomless Mug" for coffee at Breugger's Bagels. We had been looking for indications of cost but hadn't seen anything. When it came up as $185 I thanked them very much, said, "I'm sorry. I had no idea it was that expensive," and left. I should have looked into a gift card instead. I'll check that out later this week or next week. I suppose if a person is getting coffee there several times a week, a mug like that could be an excellent investment since it equates to free coffee as long as the mug is presented. But not for DH who is only there once a week, on average.

Maybe I should have something like this. Aearwen suggested a small
notebook to jot down when/where I had hidden something. Of course,
I would have had to actually place the order! Sometimes I'm just not
quite with it any more. *sigh*

I then went home and started tearing apart all of the hiding places I keep DH's holiday gifts. I wanted to get them organized and start wrapping. The wrapping didn't happen, so I'll take them to the shop with me today and start wrapping over there. I was specifically looking for two calendars I had purchased for him (they are ones I get him every year). I usually order them in mid-summer since one has limited availability.

The Dragon Witches calendar is one of two I thought I had
already purchased. This one goes in our kitchen. It's where
we keep track of recycling and chiropractic dates. 

I found everything else I had purchased for him throughout the year, but no calendars. I started going through the e-receipts of each order from that vendor. Unfortunately it's a vendor I buy A LOT from through the year and it was slow going. I finally determined that I didn't actually place the order so I quickly went on to the website and placed it again. I should have them in hand by next week. If I happen to find them in the interim, I'll return the replacements, but I think they are actually MIA.

Oh goodie! This is our forecast for the next week. Of course, wind
chills aren't included in this. Drop those temps down another ten to
twenty degrees to accommodate the wind chill factor. ACK!!!
This is NOT what I needed this close to Christmas when we need
customers to come through the door! 

Same old/same old, but magnified - extreme cold, and a winter storm warning for Friday/Saturday with six-ten inches of snow starting at noon tomorrow. Combined with the wind chills, this one could be very bad. And, of course, we don't have a working snow blower. Spring cannot come soon enough! Enjoy your Thursday. I'll be bundled up in front of my TV tonight watching Project Runway.

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