Friday, December 16, 2016

Project Runway Recap - Finale Show 1 of 2

Project Runway always takes two episodes for their finale and yesterday's show was no exception. The final four designers were sent home with a $9000 budget and instructions to build a runway show of ten finished outfits to present and show at New York Fashion Week. There were some changes from prior seasons, most dramatically that the designers didn't have to design a final look in a day when they returned to New York. I guess that final "Good-bye" to Swatch at Mood was indeed the last visit for this season. Let's move on to the runway - spoilers below.

Tim visited each of the designers in their studios, starting in Los Angeles with Laurence. Her collection featured a synopsis of her life story from dark towards the light. The person renowned for designing in black and leather had no black at all in her collection, with a darker green as the darkest color. I really liked what she showed Tim. With two weeks of work remaining, I thought she had a cohesive and beautifully sewn collection. Her runway choices were:

The lefthand top is pearl embellished with a totally open back. It's
actually quite stunning and the judges loved it. 

She got panned on the right-hand jumper. The pants in the middle were too tight, but the jacket was divine, and the judges really liked it. They also were over the moon for the left hand shirt - a pearl-embellished item that had a totally open back. This is not a piece many people would be able to wear, but it was interesting. I actually loved the jumper, and thought the jacket was really nice.

After Laurence, Tim stayed in Los Angeles to visit Rik who met him at a bowling alley. Watching Tim Gunn bowl was hilarious - maybe the highlight of the night. Rik's clothing was all over the map - he had three different focii and each one was drastically different. He needed to do some serious editing, still had several looks left to sew, and only had two weeks left. "Danger, Will Robinson!"

Rik's collection was all over the map. I thought the little leather
dress in the middle rocked it and the judges liked it too. I liked
aspects of the embellished denim on the left, but it's actually a
jumpsuit so really doesn't fit will. Throw out the right-hand look - it's
not a winner. 

The judges loved the red and blue leather sheath dress, but hated the other two looks. I actually would have loved the denim if it had been a dress, not a jumpsuit. That kind of 1960's fabric really appeals to me. He wanted a trip through the fashions of the 1960's, I'm not sure how well he succeeded. I don't think he'll be the winner, but he's interesting.

Tim then went east to Boston to visit Erin, the only one of the three without a permanent design studio. As a recent graduate of a design school, she was using one of the school's workrooms for her design space. With ten days left before the runway, she didn't have a single finished garment on the rack - just showing drawings and embellishments that she designed and made to Tim!

The only piece the judges really liked was the one on the right which
featured clumps of sparkling sequin-like embellishments that she had
designed and applied. They liked the hand-designed and painted fabric
on the middle piece, but hated the dress design - too plain. The skirt on the
left was too long and the top too bulky. 

Her finished clothing used her hand-made embellishments, but are fancy doo-dads enough to win a fashion show? She actually had clothing ready for the runway, but her aesthetic was all over the place. Call me totally unimpressed with what she presented to the judges.

Finally, Tim returned to New York to meet with Roberi. I hadn't been aware that the young Venezuelan had been in the USA for such a short time - less than five months. He's here on a work visa, having sold everything he had for the chance to come to New York and make it in fashion. His collection was interesting and his studio space was really nice. How did he get such a nice space in New York City when he's only been here for less than five months? Crazy!

Roberi was working with a lot of unusual fabrics paired with some
unusual design choices. The right-hand dress was his winner in
the set of three. Although several judges panned the choice of
footwear, Michael Kors (guest judge) said he liked the look from
head to toe. 

The judges weren't thrilled with Roberi's design choices of streetwear with lux fabrics and a design edge. I thought his pieces were interesting, but am torn on whether I think that because the fabrics are so indulgent, or because the designs are so different. No ... I think I just like the fabric. I'm not seeing anything here to make me over the moon.

I admit that the cold has totally sapped my energy levels, so I was falling asleep on and off throughout the show, but really - it was a filler. If Laurence can edit, she'll win this thing, and it will be a well-deserved win for the person Zak Posen calls "the best tailor he's seen on the show in five years". Roberi could be stiff competition for her if he can pull it together and get his styling nailed. It should be an interesting runway next week for the final show of Season 15. They'll all get their time in the sun on the long runway with lots of people in the audience, but there can only be one winner.

I'm off to the gym. We're under storm warning from noon until 6:00 pm tomorrow, which really sucks! If it's storming tomorrow morning, I may shovel instead of swim. I suppose exercise is exercise, and I really won't have much choice. We're getting killer cold, and hopefully Minion will be up to the task and not have problems starting after sitting out all day in the parking lot. I'm not looking forward to the next 48 hours of a Minnesota winter.

To move your Friday into a better mode, here's what I'm already looking forward to. Despicable Me 3 will be released next summer and Chickie and I were laughing over the trailer yesterday at the shop. So funny!!! I won't be missing this one! Just click the link above to laugh along with me.

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