Friday, December 23, 2016

Project Runway Season 15 Is In the Can

Last night was the final show of Project Runway Season 15 and what a show it was. The four designers remaining - Rik, Erin, Laurence and Roberi - each presented a ten outfit show at New York Fashion Week, then returned to Parson's for the judges' critique in the smaller Project Runway studio.

The Final Four, Rik, Erin, Laurence and Roberi (l-r). 

It was a good showing on the Fashion Week runway- the previews that had been critiqued mere days before had inspired and steered the designers into tweaking, altering, and adding new looks to their shows, presenting cohesive designs and collections. I really liked the collections offered by Roberi and Rik, I was intrigued by Erin's collection which was whimsical and fun, and Laurence's was beautifully sewn but not quite exciting enough. If it was up to me as a judge, I'd probably give the win to Roberi. I'll know what the judges think in 15 minutes.

Here are some photos to give you an idea of what each designer ended up showing on the runway.

Rik's collection was edgy. He managed to get things to flow and
there was cohesion throughout. I liked the way his color pops led
to the next design - moving from one to the other. Nice job, Rik. 

Roberi presented a really interesting collection of opposing textures and bold
geometrics. I really liked his collection a lot. It was dreamy but grounded. 

Erin's collection was based on fun, flirty and bold graphics and textures. The
pieces actually all held together well and the designs were staged well, I look
at this and what she did all season and say, "Yeah, she learned some things." 

Laurence produced a lovely collection moving from dark to light, but it
wasn't a show stopper and there weren't a lot of "wow" moments as her
clothes came down the runway. In essence, her final collection was boring. 

So, who won Project Runway Season 15? The winner was Erin, with Roberi as the runner-up. Personally I would have given it to Roberi, but I could see the "pop" and the "wow factor" that the judges look for in a runway show in both designer's presentations. Would I wear Erin's clothing? No, not really. But I probably wouldn't wear Roberi's either. Erin celebrated with her parents, Roberi was consoled by his boyfriend, a really attractive young man. I actually think there were some strong looks from each designer on the Fashion Week Runway this season, so bravo to all four finalists. It was a good season.

Enjoy your Friday, everyone. I'll be going crazy at the shop today trying to get my email finalized and sent for next week's end-of-the-year sale, processing a last minute mail order, and wrapping my final gifts. I'm already putting on too much weight from Christmas ham and DH's amazing cookies that he's been baking every day. (That part of the holidays has me really cranky!) Here's hoping your final holiday preparations go smoothly.

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