Thursday, December 22, 2016

Accomplishments and Sleeplessness

Yesterday was a day of accomplishment and that was a bit of a relief. I ended the day with stocking stuffers for DH (nothing very exciting - candy, new socks and new underwear - whoo hoo!), but I also got my ham and Candy Cane pie, received Chickie's holiday gift in the mail, and I am ready to wrap the final gifts today. We started eating the ham last night - SO GOOD! We'll probably have it demolished by Boxing Day.

DH wants a standing rib roast for Christmas dinner and his
birthday munchies. No problem, but he has to pick and buy
the meat because I'm really bad at picking a good roast. 

DH will brave the stores today for a final foray into the glut of commercialism. The most important thing on his list is a roast for our Christmas Day dinner. I love cooking roasts, they basically cook themselves so I'm all over it!

It's warm - well, relatively warm. It's crazy to be at -17 F/-27.2 C on Sunday, but be walking around in 37 F/2.7 C weather with my coat unzipped yesterday. That's life in the Frozen Northlands - weather like a pinball game - ever changing. I figure it was a Solstice gift from Spirit. I was happy to have it - good weather made shopping and errands so much easier.

Yesterday was back and forth and back and forth in the same
five mile area. Crazy! But despite my poor planning, I still
got everything completed, just not necessarily with

Have you ever had errands to do and then remembered things and gone back and forth and back and forth? It's rather what my day was like yesterday. North to the Y. South to breakfast and to get the computers powered up at the shop. North to meet DH for coffee at Breugger's. South to get pie and ham. North to put the items into the refrigerator at home. South to get stocking stuffers and a Breugger's gift card (yes, I had been there less than an hour before, but couldn't buy it while DH was there). North to get groceries. South for an office supply I forgot to buy. Then, finally North once more to put everything into the fridge and settle down to the housework.

I'm not really sure what this has to do with  Back and Forth, but it's really
cool porcelain and I wanted to share. It was part of an exhibit called
"Back and Forth - The Collaborative Works of Dawn Clements and Marc
Leuthold" held at the Bates College Museum of Art in Jan-March 2015. 

I was doing similar back and forth things on the computer in the afternoon. Log onto the company website. It's not letting me in - why? Try some different combinations of things. Finally get in (and make a note to myself for what combination actually allowed me in). Realize that I can't do the domain renewal from this portal. Go to a different website for that and realize that I don't have the password in my code book. Email customer support for a temporary password.

This morning, read their response, follow their directions and get into the domain host. Renew the domain for a few more years. Double check the credit card on file - oops, it has the old expiration date of the card. Update that (good thing I checked), write ALL the information down in my code book, and back out. Time to start emails and blog.

Maybe it's a good thing I couldn't sleep last night and awakened at 2:30 am instead of 3:15 am. I guess I needed that extra time. Tonight is the finale of Project Runway's Season 15 and I'll be totally exhausted by then. It's been an interesting season, so I'm looking forward to putting this one to bed. I hope all of you have a wonderful Thursday. I'm going to have to swim really, really hard since I'll be eating all sorts of naughty things for a few days and don't want to regain my weight.

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