Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Heading Into the Deep Freeze

Baby, it's cold outside. We're not expecting snow again until Friday, and we're in the deep freeze for the next few days. In fact, until Monday, our night temps will all be sub-zero, and on Sunday the entire day will be in the negative temps. Today's current temp of 1 F/-17.2 C will almost seem like picnic weather by later this week.

Eskimo snow goggles have been worn by the Inuit peoples for
hundreds of years. The small slit to see through allows vision, but
keeps light to a minimum, so reduces the chances of snow

DH has to pull down snow from the roof today. Originally he was talking about getting it done early in the day because the light across the snow hurts his eyes, but sleep won out in the end, so now he's planning on later on in the morning. Guess I'll take a look to see if I can find him a pair of snow goggles that will comfortably fit over his eyeglasses to cut the glare. I know there are such things, I used to wear them when skiing.

By all rights, I should be able to find a good set of goggles
against snow blindness at my local REI or other sporting
goods store. Anyplace carrying skis should also carry these. 

I need to get Sharon's holiday package sent out later this week. I have it sitting next to me at my computer desk, but I've been too lazy to get it wrapped and boxed. Bad me! I also need to start working on my newsletter for my end-of-the-year sale. My to-do list is growing, but in the cold, I'd much rather hibernate, write, play computer games, and even house clean. However - NOT an option. I have to get to the gym on time and have to get to the shop to help my shoppers buy gifts and finish projects. The rock I would like to roll across the front of my cave must remain moss-covered at the side of the opening.

We should all be gathering together like these baby
penguins. Body heat is very helpful. I'm so relieved
that I have my new coat. So far, it's been very warm. 

I hope your weather is more temperate, that you're successfully ending your shopping requirements for the upcoming holiday season, and that you are able to dress appropriately for the weather you're experiencing. I'd better make a list so that I don't forget the important things like my holiday dinner food and a nice Candy Cane Pie. Yummy! Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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