Monday, December 12, 2016

The Frozen Northlands Are Earning Their Nickname

The Arvin family are in my thoughts and prayers today.

Winter finally came over the weekend and we got 8" or so of snow. In fact, it is the beginning of a very snowy week. Unfortunately that will mean a lot of shoveling because the pull cord for our snowblower broke when DH tried to start it yesterday morning. The snowblower will be picked up by the hardware store on Saturday and it will probably be up to three more weeks before it will be returned to us! It'll be 2017 before we finally have a working snowblower again.

Unfortunately, the snowblower is too large to stick into
my car, so the store needs to come by and pick it up. For
some reason, it's the busy season for snowblower repairs
and tune-ups. Who would have guessed? LOL.

Meanwhile, the weather service is predicting that we'll be getting a serious snowfall on Friday with up to another foot before Saturday noon. What will make that truly miserable is the cold. Our Frozen Northland freezer will finally open and we'll be in killing cold overnight for the rest of the week, with an overnight temp on Saturday predicted to fall to -16 F (-26.6 C). Truly bundle-up weather. Once again my thoughts turn to the homeless at these times of the year. These are killing cold temperatures.

We're moving into the days that give us the nickname
"Frozen Northlands". It's going to be bitterly cold here
overnight for the week, getting progressively worse
as the week moves on. 

I hope you're getting your holiday gifts purchased, wrapped and shipped. My Wednesday job this week will be stocking stuffers for DH, but except for that, everything else has either been stashed in my closet or is on its way. I'm almost ahead of myself and that's a bit worrisome. I'm not usually this organized.

Only stocking stuffers remain on my to-do list. DH is thinking
about baking cookies. The holidays are certainly starting
to dominate our thoughts. 

Have a wonderful Monday and stay warm wherever you are! I'll be very happy to bundle up in my new, warm, long coat; it's working out VERY well. Now to find a new pair of warmer gloves ...

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