Monday, December 19, 2016

Cold and Holiday Gifts

First of all, the snowblower was picked up at around 2:00 pm on Saturday. Yippee!

It's been really cold out here in the Frozen
Northlands. I'm very grateful to have a
garage for Minion and Ghost. I'm not sure
Ghost would start in this weather. 

Secondly - Sunday was frigid - totally and absolutely frigid. We're open on Sundays in December (I haven't quite figured out why since it's a day of very few customers and ridiculously small sales). I piled into the car a little after 11:00 am to go to the shop and it was -9 F/-22.7 C on my way there. It had warmed to -7 F/-21.6 C by the time I left the shop late in the afternoon. Today it's almost a heat wave - it's currently -1 F/-18.3 C. The joys of living in the Frozen Wasteland.

One of these days I'll get a photo of DH actually pulling down the snow
from the roof. We need to do this to avoid roof damage and hot spots. Once
ice starts to form, the water gets under the shingles and serious issues arise. 

We did get a fair amount of snow on Friday/Saturday - probably about eight inches total. DH will be pulling the snow from the roof tomorrow since it was too cold to do it on Sunday and he has to work on Mondays.

The Post Office has been pretty amazing this year - things
I've mailed for customers and friends have been delivered
quickly and in great shape. 

Do you have all of your holiday gifts purchased? Sharon should be receiving her gift in the mail today (waving to her), Chickie's gift is still to be delivered with promises that it will be in my hands on time for our standard Christmas Eve gift exchange at work, and I only have stocking stuffers still remaining for DH. Apparently he's planning to shop for me on Tuesday and Thursday so that I "Have some things to return." Sounds good to me.

Since I really hope for a lot of gift cards (I'm pretty easy to buy for -
coffee and Nook books with some travel money pretty much
covers me), my ordering this year has been gifts for others.
Thank goodness for free shipping - I've used that a lot this year. 

Tomorrow I'll do a card countdown. I've received so many lovely cards from friends, family, and LJ friends that I need to acknowledge because they've made me very happy. Isn't happy the reason for the season? It is in my house.

Maybe it'll warm up to zero by the time I leave for the gym - or not. This is our season of cold, after all. Have a wonderful and cozy Monday.

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