Saturday, November 26, 2016

Weekend Thoughts and Calendars

It was so good to get back to the pool yesterday, and my workout was followed by a nice, busy day at work. Today is Small Business Saturday and I hope we'll be just as busy today. The best part of this morning, weighing myself and seeing that my Thanksgiving weight gain is already gone! Huzzah!

This weekend will be my last Sunday to sleep in until Christmas. *sigh*

Tomorrow, Sunday, will be my last open Sunday until Christmas. I have the store open for four hours on Sundays in December. Every year I don't want to work the extra hours, and every year I do it anyway. I guess I don't win very many arguments with myself - *sigh*.

My Pillow. It's expensive, but it just might be the key
to a good night's sleep. People I know who have one love it. 

I broke down and ordered a set of two "My Pillow" pillows last night as a holiday gift for DH. He actually asked for one, and he's had problems with pillows and comfort for years, so he's hoping that this pillow will work for him. I think they are ridiculously expensive in the realm of pillows, but I really didn't have a better idea for a gift, so pillows it is. I hope they either arrive in an anonymous box on a day when he might see it, or in a marked box on a day when I can conceal it. We're a bit old for hidden holiday gifts, but I'd at least like to keep some secrets.

I always buy one of the Witches' Calendars because I
love the artwork. It's also pretty nice for lunar information. 

I got my calendars in the mail last week. I always buy a lot of different calendars - monthly changing artwork for my computer room and the upstairs bathroom, a reminder calendar in the kitchen and DH's calendar in the small hallway. I also need two for the shop - front room and back. I found it really amusing that one came in a reasonably-sized box, the others in a huge box with lots of  air-inflated stuffing materials. I could have probably fit a preschool kid in the second box - LOL.

Have a great weekend, all. Don't go too crazy with your holiday shopping, there's still time left.

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