Saturday, November 19, 2016

Snow and Ice Finally Came to the Northlands

Well, we got our first snow yesterday and we'll be below freezing all day today, so the roads will be icy as I drive to the gym and to work. I will have to build in a little extra drive time this morning because the roads might be a bit dicey with the first snow of the year.

The roads may be icy this morning, and since we'll be below
freezing for the day, driving may be nasty. We'll all be relearning
our winter driving techniques. 

I'll be changing my jackets today. It's time to put away my fall leather bomber jacket (love it) and pull out my winter parka (certainly not as cute, but a lot warmer and more waterproof). Suddenly I will become one of the masses of Minnesotans who exercise really poor fashion sense for months while pushing through the winter months. I expect I'll be able to put the parka back into the closet in April.

It's time for our winter coats. This is the season of scarves, hoods, hats and
little eye contact because we're watching the surfaces we're walking on.
Nobody wants to slip and fall on an icy sidewalk. 

I have a 16+ pound turkey sitting in my refrigerator slowly defrosting. Thanksgiving is rushing toward us and will be followed by our two-day After Thanksgiving Day Sale. I started working on the e-mail notification yesterday and I'll be working on it again today, getting it ready to send out early next week. I only run two major sales each year - one after Thanksgiving and one after Christmas.

We love our Thanksgiving Day meal. Turkey and stuffing and lots
of veggies - it's a wonderful meal that almost cooks itself. 

I'm setting up the final printing file for my Holiday Card envelopes. I'll be contacting some of you directly to find out if you would like a card again this year. I don't want to miss anyone who might want one!

Sure it's not Christmas (yet), but I'm making my envelope
list for my holiday cards and yes, I'm checking it twice. 

So, a boring post today, but I have snow and ice on the brain and I'm focused on getting things completed here before I can head out. Sorry ... not every post is a winner. Winter is calling! Have a wonderful weekend.

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