Monday, November 21, 2016

Final Call-Out For Cards and Shopping/Shop Stuff

It's Thanksgiving week and I'm going to have a very busy computer day today. Of course, I'm also expecting a large shipment from a vendor which means my store computer will be monopolized to check the order in, update the inventory, and print out price tags. I have mail orders to fill, invoice and ship, and I also have our Black Friday and Small Business Saturday mailings to compose and get ready to send out. Basically, today is a mess because I'm also the only person on the sales floor. It might be a really late night for me and tomorrow will be packed with a ton of finish-up work so that my mailings can get out on time. Can you say "last minute"?

I'm having to redo a lot of my email sales notifications because I want
them to be mobile friendly. I'm thinking about sending two separate
emails this year - one for Friday and one for Saturday - since I put
different products on sale for each day. 

I did manage to cut and glue the next ten cards worth of embellishments during the football game yesterday (DH's team won, so he was happy). That leaves me with a dozen more before this stage of manufacturing is complete. I'm right on track for a Solstice mailing, and as as long as each stage goes smoothly, they'll be out on time. Of course, there's always that hidden log to trip over in the woods, right? But I'm being cautiously optimistic.

I have small pieces of tissue paper making my trash bag very colorful. It's not
this style of collage, but this looks like fun. If I can stay on schedule, I may
have this part of my holiday cards completed by the end of the upcoming weekend. 

This is my final call-out for Holiday Cards. I'll be contacting some of you individually to see if you would like a card since I haven't heard from you, but if in doubt, just message me your address. You won't get two cards, guaranteed, but you won't get one at all if you haven't signed up.

Saturday was crisp after our snow on Friday. The roads were (and still are) fine for driving, but the grass had a nice dusting of snow and the wind was blowing so it was cold. I transferred my pocket stuff from my bomber jacket to my long parka and was ready to face the elements. Except - I realized that the zipper on my parka was broken and that it was about two sizes too large, so wouldn't really do much to keep me warm. Argh!!! Time to shop.

I think I'll be quite happy with this long parka. I did
get it in the grape color, the "fur" collar is detachable
for washing and it's rated for comfort as low as
-50F. Although we don't get quite that cold here,
add the wind chill, and it can be quite crispy. 

After looking at various on-line choices for a new parka within my limited budget, I scored the one above which will arrive late this week or early next. The coat is from Land's End and originally was priced at $219. I hunted for a coupon and found one that brought the price to $131.40 and had free shipping! That I could afford, so order placed and coat anxiously being awaited. It will be nice to be warm while I wait for the gym doors to be unlocked in the morning.

Have a good Monday, all. I hope you won't be quite as busy as I'll be today. But then, there are worse things than being busy at this time of the year.

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