Friday, November 18, 2016

Daily Life (Hot and Cold) and Project Runway Recap

Our cooktop is acting up and we're also due for our first snow of the season this afternoon with 1-2 inches expected. *sigh* Life continues on, doesn't it? So while the news feeds are full of political news, the vast majority of us are putting the election behind us, steeling ourselves to live with the consequences, and continuing on with our lives. For me, it's Thanksgiving next week. DH will buy Thanksgiving Day stuff today - turkey, stuffing, and side dish makings. As for the cooktop? It's been acting up more and more over the past year. I'm going to hope it makes it through Thanksgiving and then I'll call a repair person out to take a look at it. If it dies during Turkey Day, it'll serve DH right for saying "NO" when I suggested arranging for a repair. Sometimes he's an idiot, despite his college education. Just sayin'.....

Just tearing my hair out. I don't know why DH is so adamant
about not calling about getting the cooktop repaired. I'll
probably phone just to find out who my appliance people
recommend so that I can schedule them after the holidays
are over. 

On to Project Runway. Recap and spoilers below, so ignore the rest of the post if you don't want to know.

The designers were taken up in a helicopter for the "Power Trip" episode. (In prior years they've been taken in ships up the Hudson and in automobiles through the streets of New York City for a similar challenge.) The goal was to get a feel for the power of the city and translate that into an editorial garment that would be worn by a powerful woman. "Marie Claire" magazine was sponsoring this episode and the winner would be getting a photo spread in the magazine - sometimes the kiss of death for the designer in the following week, so we'll have to wait and see.

Laurence and Roberi were declared "safe", leaving six for in-depth looks. The outfits themselves had been seriously redone - Tim's early critique had been quite scathing for Erin, Nathalia, Cornelius and a few of the other designers, causing them to ditch or seriously edit their first concepts, or alter their existing designs. It paid off, at least for Erin and Cornelius.

Mah-Jing was inspired by shipping containers and
water. His golden tweed and dark denim dress was
really strong and very well constructed. I
liked this dress a lot. 

Mah-Jing was terrified in the helicopter, at least initially, but he liked the interplay of the shipping containers and water at the piers and came up with this wonderful golden tweed and dark denim dress that really wowed the judges. I loved the look.

I really liked this dress too, although I would have liked
the inset leather patches to be a bit more polished.
the dress itself is pieced with multiple sections
for the bodice and for the skirt. The seams don't come
through that clearly in the photo, but it was really well
cut and sewn. 

Cornelius said he was inspired by the look of a golf course from the air. Nina laughed at that - only Cornelius would be inspired by a golf course in a scenic tour of New York City from the air. He worked a stretch jersey with clever piecing and flat seams balanced against colorful leather inserts. It was a polished design, fit quite well (although I noticed a small zipper pooch in the upper back that I guess the judges decided to ignore) and all in all, it was a really nice piece of statement editorial clothing.

I didn't like this dress - I thought the frill at the bottom was
ridiculous. The judges said they could see a strong New York
woman wearing this, I totally think "Not". But, it was enough
to get her through to next week. 

Erin ditched her pink pastel coat (which really sucked nails) and went for a sparkling dress with a dropped hem inspired by the sunlight sparkling off the water. I wasn't very fond of this, but the editors (Nina and Ann) said it would photograph beautifully and the other judges, especially Heidi, loved the look. It might photograph beautifully, but I wouldn't be caught in it dead or alive. Ick, just ick. However, it made the cut as the third top look.

I really liked what Rik was doing to the fabric, and so
did the head of "Marie Claire" magazine who was his
champion when the other judges panned the look. Zak
said the outfit reminded him of a toga. Considering Rik's
inspiration was the Statue of Liberty, I guess Zak was
actually correct. Nonetheless, it was a bottom look. 

On the bottom were Rik, Nathalia and Dexter. Rik made his own abstract print which actually was a great idea although I wish he had chosen a different color. It just reminded me of a child dragging a sheet through a cow pasture - not a pretty image. The front was draped interestingly, but the back was really boring - a plain white dress with a poorly positioned strap to hold the front draping in place. The back killed him and put him into the bottom, despite the fact that his influence was the Statue of Liberty.

The judges thought "Power Rangers" with this jumpsuit
and jacket combo. I actually thought it was rather
cute, but it wasn't anything really "editorial" or cutting
edge, which was the challenge this week. It was a
straightforward jumpsuit with some shiny bits added.
Meh and boring! 

Nathalia channeled the Power Rangers for her outfit. I don't think that was her intention, but honestly - the blue jumpsuit and short jacket combined with her styling choices screamed comic convention to me and to the judges as well. The shiny bits that she added were icing on a melting cake. She needs to learn how to edit, she still packs too much into each outfit. Her inspiration was the water, but she should have drowned this look and never let it see the Runway.

Dexter said he felt like a voyeur on their helicopter
tour - as if he could see into the windows and lives of
the people living and working in the buildings. He wanted
to play on that with a peek-a-boo piece. Unfortunately,
the dress was a rather simple sheath dress, the jacket was
a style he had done before (and it hadn't been received
well the first time), and the most interesting thing was
the model's bra - which she had brought from her own wardrobe. 

Finally we have Dexter who wanted to show the dark side of New York - the shadows and the other side of the bright. Of course he is a "goth" designer, so that direction isn't a surprise. He choose a stretched Spandex lace for a totally see-through gown covered by one of his Minnie Mouse ears jackets. He told his model to wear black underwear, and she did, but the judges were very unhappy that he hadn't designed the entire outfit.

This is the week where the Tim Gunn save from two weeks ago really came into play. The winner was Cornelius, the designer Tim had saved. Well done Cornelius, (even though I was pulling for Mah-Jing's outfit). To get back into their broadcast schedule after Tim's "save", two designers were eliminated - Nathalia and Dexter were both sent home. We're coming down to the finish line now with only six designers remaining for next week's challenge. Who will end up showing a collection at New York Fashion Week? And if one of the designers is Erin, will she just have a runway of coats?

Happy Friday to all, the weekend is coming so hang in there.

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