Thursday, September 29, 2016

September Song

Can you believe how quickly September is passing? We only have two more days of pre-Fall before diving into October, one of my favorite months. I'm already waiting for the gym doors to unlock while wearing a fall jacket and a hoodie. By the end of October I might be in snow boots and my long down parka - or not. Our end of October temperatures can range from very comfortable to below freezing. Longer-time residents will never forget our Halloween blizzard of 1991.

The Halloween Blizzard is famous, but it wasn't the first time we had been
hit with a major snow at the end of October. October can be a tricky month
here in the Frozen Northlands. 

I'm going to enjoy these final two days of September, though. DH will be working on the castle, the weather will be getting better and better as we approach the final weekend of Renaissance Festival, and the Ryder Cup golf tournament is in town, playing at Hazeltine Golf Course in Chaska, a suburb southwest of Minneapolis and very close to our Renaissance Festival grounds. Traffic on Sunday might be a nightmare, but we'll get to the Fest despite possible delays.

The Ryder Cup is one of DH's favorite golf competitions. We won't
be out there watching, but he'll have it on the TV when he can.
It's select teams from the US vs Europe and always is entertaining. 

I had a day off yesterday and it was a joy. I shopped for groceries, did laundry, swept and washed my kitchen floor (so desperately needed!) and diagnosed and fixed a problem with my washer. The washer decided to toss a computer code at me that I hadn't seen before, but I keep the owner manual handy and looked it up. It had something to do with the water having problems draining from the system. There was a fix - emptying and cleaning the drain filter - and it didn't seem too complicated, so after a lovely chat with Aearwen, I got dinner into the oven and then proceeded to dissect the drain filter.

I love wearing these short sport socks in the summer months. They're
light-weight, so not too hot. I switch to knee-high socks in the
colder months. Color is a MUST! No white socks for me! 

Voila! Success! I got the swing door open, drained the residual water into a bowl, and then unscrewed and pulled out the drain filter. Hmmmm - it looked a bit unusual, not quite like the drawing in the manual. On closer inspection, one of my short sport socks had managed to be eaten by my washer and had ended up caught in the drain filter. Wow! I've had the mate for that sock waiting for its' companion for most of the summer. The sock was rescued and will go into next week's main laundry, and my washer is now happy again. The rumors of washing machines requiring sacrifices of socks appears to have been true!

Two designers have already been eliminated from Season 15's
Project Runway competition, but familiar faces are still here. Mentor
Tim Gunn, Producer and Judge Heidi Klum, and Judges
Nina Garcia and Zac Posen (l-r) are back for another season of design
flops coming down the shortened runway. Oh - the DRAMA! LOLOL. 

Tonight I will watch Project Runway while putting the finishing touches on my promotional email for the Bead Shop Hop which begins on Saturday. One of my favorite vendors was kind enough to send me a door prize donation again, so I can promote that, as well as other items which we will add to it, making our door prize a lovely gift. Last year we had sixteen stores participating in the Hop, this year it's down to twelve. Such is the state of my industry. Have a wonderful Thursday!

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