Friday, September 30, 2016

Once In A Black Moon

I'm sure you're familiar with the phrase "Once in a blue moon", but a black moon? That's what the Western hemisphere is experiencing today. A Black Moon is when two new moons occur in the same month. It's rare, but not ridiculously so - not "once in a lifetime" rare. But what really tickles me about this particular black moon is the timing of it.

If you;re into astrology, this black moon is a major opportunity. It will
specifically affect those who are born under Scorpio, but will also have
ramifications for the opposing sun sign - Taurus.  

As I said, the Western hemisphere has a black moon today. But what about the Eastern hemisphere? Well, you, my friends in the east, aren't getting your black moon until the end of October, just in time for it to usher in Halloween! How can this be? It's a question of timing.

New moons are times of beginning, black moons are times
of a bit of introspection. This could be the perfect
opportunity for you to begin a new task or make a change
in your life. 

My black moon occurs tonight, but because of the time difference between us and GMT (or UTC if you prefer), much of the world actually won't have this black moon occurring in September. Instead, much of the world, including my friends in Europe and the UK, will have a new moon starting out October with their black moon at the end of next month on October 30th.

No matter what, time continues to pass on. I just loved this clock
image and had to share with all of you. Have a wonderful Black Moon! 

Of course, you can't actually see a black moon, it's the dark side of the moon. But if you could, you'd see it straddling the calendar tonight. Although getting down to it, calendars are artificial constructs codified to show the passage of time historically and in a unified manner. Calendars are the historian's best friend - except when they're not. But rather than dive into the maelstrom of time measurement and the fun things that can go wrong there, just enjoy your black moon ... or not. In the case of the Eastern hemisphere, enjoy your first New Moon of October happening soon at a location near you. Happy Friday to all!

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