Thursday, September 15, 2016


A very quick post today since my morning is highly scheduled. DH's colonoscopy is scheduled for early this morning, but I still have errands that I must do before picking him up and taking him over to the facility. I'll be glad when this is over. I've been listening to him complain about what he could eat and grumble about not being able to eat for several days and I'm tired of it. He can eat starting this afternoon, so life should return to other complaints instead.

I really nailed my toe yesterday while swimming. It hurts, but
there's not really much to be done about toes. I'll buddy tape
it for a few days to let the toe rest and keep it from bending.
It'll be fine, but what a STUPID thing for me to do! 

Yesterday I really wrecked my big toe while swimming. I turned and pushed off the wall and my toe was in the wrong position. It's probably a hairline crack in the bone, given the pattern of bruising. I'm buddy taping it for a few days, but I'm sure happy I don't have to climb up and down Chickie's stairs until next week, when I do the morning feed for her demon kitties.

Chickie's demon kitties have grown up a bit more than
in this photo from July. It'll be good to see them again, although
I'm allergic to them so I'll have a runny nose and weepy eyes
for a week while I feed them in the mornings. 

Have a great Thursday and enjoy yourselves. Try to not break any bones - they hurt!

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