Friday, September 16, 2016


First of all, thanks for all of the good wishes re my toe. I've been keeping it taped and it seems happier that way. Today will be my first day in the pool with the tape, but it'll be fine in the water. The only possible issue will be when I push off on the walls for my turns. I'll try to NOT repeat the stupidity that caused the injury in the first place - PROMISE!

I'm certainly not saying that I don't lose my temper and/or get
upset. I am saying, however, that for me it passes quickly and
I also don't find any good reasons to stay in a perpetual state
of angst. DH obviously is wired differently. 

Also, DH's colonoscopy went very well, so one more thing he was worried about is behind us. Now he needs to find his next thing to get all upset about. He will - it's in his genes.

Here are all of the designers for Project Runway Season 15. Of
course, one of them is now gone. Only fourteen more designers
to get voted off - LOL. It's a very eclectic assortment of people
ranging from home trained to professionally trained. 

Project Runway Season 15 started last night and they started it with the unusual items challenge. They have an assortment of egos this time around, but I absolutely agreed with their choice of winner and their choice of loser. No spoilers here, but yeah - telling the judges that you refused to change a design and wouldn't no matter what? Probably poor form and decision making. I also noticed that Heidi said nothing about the "Tim Gunn Save" last night in her introduction of the judges. Maybe that no longer exists? Hmmmmm...

Today is my 200th time at the gym this year. What a
wonderful thing to celebrate. Maybe I'll let myself
have a muffin for breakfast. 

Today I'm celebrating two milestones in my life, the first relatively minor, the other pretty major. For the minor - today is my 200th time at the gym this year. That makes me very happy. Most of those times have been in the pool, but not all of them. Even though I've shifted to focus mainly on swimming, I still occasionally get to the elliptical and the bike. The pool is my preference, though.

Damn! That's a LONG time. It hasn't always been smooth
sailing, but there's nobody I'd rather share my boat with. 

And last (and certainly NOT least) is the fact that today is DH's and my 37th wedding anniversary. We're not really doing anything to celebrate - I'll be at work and he'll be trying to work on the castle walls - but it's the thought that counts. Normally we would celebrate at Renaissance Festival this weekend, but this Sunday may be our day off instead. He needs my help to get to the next step with the castle, so we may blow off Ren this weekend and do construction instead.

Here's hoping all of you have a wonderful Friday. I think it'll be a good one here after my swim and after I've retaped my toes again.

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