Saturday, September 17, 2016

A Castle Update

The castle is growing and taking over my back yard. DH worked on in all day and into the evening yesterday, he'll work on it all day today, and we'll skip Renaissance Festival tomorrow (it's "Pet Day", not a necessary theme weekend for us) and continue working on the castle together. Chickie leaves for Spain tomorrow and I'm on Kitty Care for the next seven days. We're hoping to get as much done as possible since my time will be constricted while she's out of town.

Here, I'm looking at the house wall. In the center of the picture are
the steps going up from the patio level to the upper back yard.
The two tiers against the house are complete except for capstones. 

The steps are complete, except for the capstones being glued into place. The southern tiers are what he's spending his time with now. We'll be adjusting and laying blocks for the two snaking walls that will extend across toward our back fencing.

The bottom tier of the southern first level has been laid out. He's
still making minor adjustments. You can see the darker shadow above
of the cutout for the second tier. These snake toward the left and then
move back to the right as they approach the fence beyond. 

Right now, though, our back yard looks like a major work in progress. Trenches extend from the steps toward the fencing, piles of dirt are here and there, and stones are stacked ready to be placed when the base has been properly placed. We worked on it a bit last night and I think things will start to click today.

We pick up paver base 15 bags at a time and
we're going through these in the hundreds. We'll meet
at the hardware store again this morning to
pick up another 15 bags. We're getting strong
slinking these and carrying them from one place
to another. Each bag weighs 50 pounds. 

Thanks for all of the good wishes on our anniversary. We'll probably go out on Sunday to celebrate, and DH bought me a couple of cards that had me in tears, they were so sweet. I was working, helping him pick up 15 more bags of paver base, and basically, we didn't have time to do anything special at all. We'll catch up with it. We have to grab nice weather while we have the chance. It's fall now and rain, falling leaves, and maybe the first signs of snow can interfere with the castle project. Happy weekend! I'll be back on Monday.

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