Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Final Day of Prep

My topsy-turvy week continues today with a visit to my Chiropractor followed by a day at work. I didn't get as much accomplished yesterday on my day off and I wanted, but it could have been worse, and I did get the major points hit, including a lovely conversation with Aearwen. However, I won't be back on any kind of regular schedule until Friday, and it's driving me a bit crazy.

The goal of prep for a colonoscopy is to eliminate
feces from the color to allow visibility for the
examination. The prep work eventually results in
the far right if it is done properly. 

Today is DH's starving/fasting day before tomorrow's colonoscopy. He's already complaining that he'll waste away to nothing and trying to think about what he'll want to eat on Thursday night. In fact, he has all sorts of plans for Thursday after his procedure. I keep telling him he'll be really tired and be sleeping for most of the day, but what do I know? I've only done this twice before *sigh*.

Today he'll be doing this prep work. He'll actually be starting the second 
section at 4:00 pm according to his instruction sheet. He'll 
survive it - I guarantee it. I'll be glad he finally gets the exam. He's been 
promising me he would have it for ten years. 

Still, he gets a day at home today to do the final cleanout preparations and he's generally very obedient with written instructions. Everything is set out for him and he'll be good. I have to phone or text him to remind him about taking his meds, but that's relatively minor. Tomorrow we finally come to an end of this and I will breathe a sigh of relief when I wake up Friday morning and realize I have two days of work on a normal schedule.

My relief will be quite short-lived. Two days and then
I'm working a nine-day shift and taking care of
Chickie's cats while she's out of town. Ugh! 

Of course, then Chickie leaves for Spain ....

Once more into the fray. The road construction projects I have to
navigate to get to and from my Chiropractor won't be complete
until late fall in 2017 and the traffic is horrible. 

Here's hoping you have a wonderful Wednesday. I'm off to the gym and then the Chiropractor. I hope the traffic isn't too horrible, I haven't had to drive through the construction zones since before the State Fair! It seems like forever ago.

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