Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Running Through Honey - Monday Couldn't End Soon Enough

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing quite clicked? A day where everything started turned to dust and plans hit ruts, spinning aimlessly in air? Monday was like that and it was more than frustrating. I'm hoping Tuesday will be better, but at this rate, I'm not guaranteeing it.

Monday was one of those days that lived up
to its reputation. Ick! 

Fortunately the early morning activities of swimming and breakfast were fine and on schedule. Also fortunately DH awakened before his wake-up call of 8:00 am and phoned me to let me know he was awake. This was important because of the remainder of things that went wrong. Starting here ...

Sometimes communication can be so delayed and
frustrating, it's like going back to the old days of
telephone operators and individual plug-ins. 

We had that huge storm last week - the one that required us to sandbag our back door and question the drainage system for our castle walls. Our land line went out during that storm and even though I phoned it in promptly, CenturyLink couldn't get to our line for repair until yesterday. Thus, we had no land line for me to phone DH on for his wake-up call, and he turns off his mobile phone at nights while he recharges. At least he remembered to awaken and phoned me.

Apparently we need a new cable. Probably not this large or
pretty, but it would be nice if it actually worked....just saying. 

However, our phone repair scheduled for between 9:15 am and 1:15 pm had still not happened when I finally arrived home at 6:45 pm. A long (more than 15 minutes on hold) call to the phone company resulted in my being told that it was rescheduled and should be no later than 7:45 pm. Sure enough, I finally got a call on my cell phone at 8:00 pm telling me that they need to replace a cable and that I still won't have a land line until today, sometime in the afternoon. *sigh* Efficient? NOT!

It's pretty stone, and it will be beautiful when the project
is completed, but we need to get the stone from the
manufacturer in south Minneapolis to us in north St Paul.
It shouldn't be this hard, but it's turning out to be. 

Then, remember the five palettes of stone we ordered on Saturday night? I spoke to the Materials Management guy at our home supply store and it turns out that the manufacturer is no longer drop shipping to customer's homes. Now they are trying to figure out a way for us to get our five palettes, but it won't be today - nope - we needed them today but it won't happen.

I suppose I could always make a book sculpture like this one
by Marcos Saboya and Gualter Pupo (follow the link
to see this in full - it's quite spectacular). 

Meanwhile I'm dreaming or having nightmares about tomorrow's tasks and already hating the fact that I'll be stuck at Half-Price Books for up to three hours while they go through our books and hand me a ridiculously small check. Still, as I keep telling myself, it's better getting something than just tossing the books into recycling. I'll just sit in a corner and read an e-book.

The sign wasn't this elegant - handwritten telling that
their exhaust fans weren't working and they had to
be closed for the day. But the result was the same -
no Chicken Pad Thai for dinner. 

Oh, and dinner last night? I wanted to drop by our local Thai restaurant and pick up some food, but I got there and there was a handwritten sign on the door telling customers that they were closed because of a problem with their exhaust fan system and would be open again Tuesday. That was the final nail in a really stumbly day. So ... how was your Monday? Better than mine? It wouldn't take much, to be honest. Hopefully today will be better.  Happy Tuesday to all!

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