Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Tons - Literally Tons

Almost everything that fell through or didn't happen on Monday fell into place on Tuesday (or is scheduled for today). On my way back to the shop from the bank, I got a call from a man identifying himself as a driver for our building supply company. He had a delivery for us and wanted to let me know he'd be dropping it by shortly. How shortly? After finding out he would be delivering five palettes of stone to my house within the next 15 minutes, I started trying to contact DH to let him know, finally getting in touch with him after his morning shower. And so the process began.

Five palettes of stone were delivered to our house and placed alongside
the driveway. It looks rather mild mannered seeing it all wrapped up like
this, but what a LOT of work lay ahead! 

I'm not sure how the company managed to arrange it, but they came through for us and managed to get our order delivered, even though they delivered it instead of the manufacturer. Soon five palettes of building stones were stacked along the side of my driveway. DH then began the process of moving them, 7-8 blocks at a time in our old, rusty wheelbarrow, down to the backyard where they will become part of our castle walls.

After the first load, the first palette looked like this. Obviously
there's still a lot remaining to do here. 

It took time, of course, to do this. He sent this photo when the first palette had been cleared, but four more remained.

Finally, he finished late in the afternoon just before the rain hit. Here's a photo of the last stone standing. We did the math and it was astounding.

He sent this photo of the last block on the last palette. Finally he was
finished, some six-and-a-half hours after he started the job. I'm amazed by
him, and also amazed that the wheelbarrow actually held together for
all of the trips up and down. I now have a full pathway ground across my
front yard grass. Fortunately, it will grow again, and this should be the
end of it, except for paver base (which we should probably also purchase
a palette of). 

Five palettes = 700 blocks of stone.
Each block of stone weighs 22 pounds (1.57 stone for my British friends)
Each block was picked up to put into the wheelbarrow
Each block was removed from the wheelbarrow and placed in the back yard
Therefore, each block was manhandled (literally) twice.
700 blocks x 22 pounds = 15,400 pounds x Twice = 30,800 pounds! That's 15.4 TONS of stone
    that DH moved by hand yesterday.

We had Pad Thai and eggrolls for dinner with plenty for
tonight's dinner too. It was a nice treat for my poor DH. 

No wonder he was tired, exhausted, sore, etc. Our Thai restaurant was open again, so I bought Pad Thai and eggrolls for dinner, then we watched a bit of the Olympics and then crashed after I gave him a massage. What a lot of work for a man who is over 60 years old. It's a good thing he has to work at the shop today or else he'd be out there digging and beginning to place the stones into our castle wall construction. I think his body needs a day of rest from that labor. I'll be moving boxes of books today and trying to do other errands on my Wednesday. It won't be the tons of stone he moved, but it will still have some weight - good exercise! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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