Monday, August 15, 2016

Time Is Not Our Friend Right Now

Progress was made over Sunday, but the clock is ticking. I moved boxes - brought all of the book boxes still to be gone through down to the den, brought the Keep boxes up to Sharon's room, and moved the filled to be sold boxes to the entryway, ready to be packed into my car on Wednesday. I then continued working on the unsorted boxes and managed to sort from I through P before DH talked me into a Margarita and dinner out. It didn't take much persuasion.

I love Chili's Patron Margarita drink. It's refreshing, and
just one is perfect. 

DH, in his turn, started the day out by having me take him to Menards (another home building products store for those who may not be familiar with the name) where we started the day out by packing 12 bags of paver base into my car. We'll probably pick more up on the way home from work tonight. Apparently he needs a base of four inches below the stone blocks when they are six high, which is what he is currently building. One way or another, it's a lot of building materials.

Is DH doing all of this? Actually, I think he is
(except maybe not the galvanized spike). I'm
pretty impressed with what he's doing and just
hope it will hold together and still look good in
25 years. 

He worked outside on the castle walls and pathway for most of the day, laying and relaying the stones until they were the correct distance and dimensions for him. Things weren't working super smoothly, so I stayed out of his way, watched the Olympics and worked my way sorting through the books as mentioned above.

I was never very good at track and field competitions, so
I don't follow it quite as closely. 

We're into the second week of the Olympics now, and Track and Field are solidly underway. We caught the men's 800 and 100 meter races last night, and during the day I was able to see some synchronized swimming, equestrian individual jumping, golf (congrats to Great Britain for another gold medal), and volleyball. It's so much fun!

There's nothing easy about synchronized swimming. Within the three minutes
of the routine, the swimmers make three laps of the pool while doing
acrobatic maneuvers underwater in perfect tandem with another one
or more swimmers. It's really hard to make something so physical look
so effortless and beautiful. 

I have more than 10 filled boxes of books to take to Half-Price Books on Wednesday morning, and I'll have more to bring there on the last Wednesday of the month also. We're really pushing to get things done. We'll do Renaissance Festival's opening day this coming Sunday, but then probably will skip the second weekend just to continue trying to get the house into shape for Sharon's visit. Time is running out. Have a glorious Monday, I'm off to the pool.

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