Saturday, August 6, 2016

Olympics Opening Ceremony

The Olympics flame has been lit, the torch carried to a large cauldron and raised to the heights in a reflection of light. I gave up on the Parade of Nations after the US had entered the arena, but I knew there would be hours yet before the speeches, raising of flags, oath of the athletes, etc., would end. I caught the actual lighting of the cauldron through photos this morning. Oh well - sleep was more important than pageantry.

The Olympics Flame reflects through the highly
reflective spheres and shimmers. Quite pretty and innovative. 

The opening ceremony introducing the history of Brazil was really interesting and very visual. It wasn't as breathtaking as the human drums of Beijing, but those streamers from the roof that were braided and arranged by the aboriginal participants were really lovely and the movable wheels and oars in the colonization and slavery portions of the program gave a really interesting kinetic sculpture.

The streamers showing the growth of the forest from the waters
of Brazil was really striking. 

I wasn't thrilled with the US athlete's uniform. The striped shirts looked as if we had been released from a very patriotic jail. The jackets were OK, but  ... yeah ... Ralph Lauren had a serious FAIL on these. Some of the other nation's costumes were quite lovely, though.

Horrid - really horrid. I totally dislike the uniforms for Team USA.
Similarities to the Russian flag have been pointed out on numerous

I really liked India's uniform - very traditional in style with lovely colors. I wouldn't mind having one of these.

The uniform from India is a sari in gorgeous
coloring. I would love to own something this elegant. 

So, we're up and running. I'm sure there will be plenty of posting about the Olympics because I love watching them, but if I judge the full spectrum based on the opening ceremonies, I'm totally behind Brazil. They may actually pull this off, and if they do, then hurrah and applause for them. It ws shaky until last night, but it's going to be great fun. Have a great weekend, I'm off to swim.

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