Friday, August 5, 2016

Success and Five Olympic Rings

I drove up through pouring rain and hail (yes, it was raining hard and even hailed - no poetic embellishment) to pick up my computer yesterday morning. Got it back to the shop, hooked everything back up, turned it on and crossed my fingers - SUCCESS! The updated hard drive works beautifully. I am so relieved! I should probably do the same thing with the register computer, but I really don't feel like forcing my staff to hand-write invoices for another day. It was miserable enough for the one. But, we're back up and running once again. Huzzah and thanks for the positive thoughts!

Success! We now have a new hard drive and an operational
computer. The data appears good, although I'm sure there will
be items here and there that have been corrupted. But it's
looking good! Thanks for all of your positive energy over the
past few days. 

Tonight begins the official start of the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Although soccer games have already been played, the Opening Ceremonies begin tonight to kick things off. It's on for three hours, but it's actually at a reasonable time. I'm looking forward to another Olympics. They're always exciting and with the multiple ways of watching available to me this time, I might actually be able to catch some of the less-popular events that I love to see.

Tonight is the "official" start of the 2016 Summer Olympic
Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I wonder why nations
want to host the Games. They are horribly expensive, require a lot
of logistical planning, and so often the venues built to host
them, the buildings, are deserted and allowed to fall into ruin afterward. 

I'm curious about what events you enjoy. Of course I love the swimming and diving, but I also like some of the more esoteric events. I'll be trying to catch Rhythmic Gymnastics, Synchronized Swimming and the various Steeplechase and Cross-Country equestrian events. Although I admire the precision of Dressage equestrian and standard gymnastics, I really go for that little bit of flair. For me it's not always about the speed, it's about the finesse.

Rhythmic Gymnastics is incredibly difficult. It's not
power, speed and tumbling, it's flexibility, strength and
stamina mixed in with choreography and finesse. 

Yesterday's rain played havoc with DH's partially-done wall. If things dry out a bit today, he might be able to get back to it. Yesterday things were too muddy to allow him to shovel and level things back out correctly. Once the wall is completed, I think it will do very well at keeping runoff away from our walls and foundation. Since that's the goal, I'm all for DH getting his shovel on.

Synchronized swimming requires extreme breath control and fine motor
skills in tandem with others doing the exact thing. The key is making
something so difficult look beautiful and effortless. No, not easy at all. 

Have a wonderful Friday and enjoy tonight's Olympics opening ceremonies. It's going to be very nice having events scheduled within an hour of my time zone instead of half a world away and at midnight. I'm going to relish this, since the 2020 summer games will be in Japan with a HUGE time difference between here and there.

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