Monday, August 8, 2016

Crazy Busy and the Month is Progressing

DH is working hard building our new walls and pathway from the lower yard to the upper one. It will help keep water damage to the foundation of the house, channel water down paved surfaces instead of the grassy yard, and it will be at a height to offer seating. It started with a sale on the paving stones he wanted, but has grown into a major building project which he is actually working on very intensively. He has a habit of doing things to a 90% level, so I'll have to see if it actually gets finished. I know parts won't be finished this year - we don't have enough time left in the season - but I'm really impressed with what he's done so far.

We've bought almost 100 of these wall blocks over the
past few weeks. They are making a really lovely wall.
He is setting them six high (one layer is below ground)
with a thinner capstone on the very top. After he has
the two walls and center walkway completed, he'll pull up and
re-level the patio, then reset that with new blocks instead
of the old bricks that were originally used. 

We started Sunday out at Home Depot buying another 30 blocks for the wall and five more bags of paver underlayment. He worked on the wall steadily until late afternoon while I tackled the boxes of books, pulling out the ones I wanted to keep. I got through fifteen boxes of books and pulled two boxes worth to save (one of which is nothing but Marion Zimmer Bradley's "Darkover" series books). I have a long way to go, but it was a great start.

I'm not sure if I own all of the Darkover books, there
are a lot of them. I do know that I own most, if not
all, of them and have no intention of buying them
in e-book format. I might prefer digital reading,
but my old paper copies will be just fine. 

After a quick shower, DH treated us to drinks at a nearby restaurant and then we picked up Chinese takeout from our favorite local dive. We settled in to watch a bit more of the Olympics before switching over to the first episode of "Inspector Lewis - The Final Season". We adore the show and were willing to miss some of the athletic events to see it. Just a few more episodes and no more "Inspector Lewis". How sad.

We love the series "Inspector Lewis" and will be sorry to see
it go. Such a delightful interplay of characters. 

I hope each of you has a wonderful Monday. I'm off to the pool, then the Chiropractor, and finally breakfast and work. I hope it will be a good sales day today, I like to be busy. Happy Monday!

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