Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Storm and Le Tour de France

Last night we had a whopper of a storm come through, cracking trees, knocking out traffic signals, flooding roads. We got hit with strong winds that left broken power lines all over. I was out of power at home for several hours and it fried my surge protector. I'm hoping the protector did its job and protected my computer, but I won't know until tonight. I picked up a new surge protector this morning and will install it tonight. Thus - a very late post because I'm on my laptop at the shop instead of my desktop at home.

Chickie has a doctor appointment today, and I owed her a day because she worked for me while I was at Bead & Button in June, so I'm working today instead of catching up on things at home. I'll be working all of next week too while she's in Montana at the memorial for her grandmother and family reunion. I hate it when I have to work on Wednesdays. Oh well, nothing to be done.

Of course I've been watching Le Tour de France because I'm an addict for Le Tour. The first four days were relatively flat and rather boring, but today we finally get the beginning of some hills and foothills on our way to the Pyrenees. I'll be starting to put topo maps in each day.  Unfortunately, I have no ability to work with photos on my laptop, so here's a link to info and a topo of today's stage. I'll be back to my regular schedule tomorrow. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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