Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Good-bye Vacation, Hello Work Once More

Vacation is over, and we had a wonderful two days. We grilled out both days for our dinners, we have a refrigerator full of fruit for munchies (watermelon, cherries, and blueberries), and we took a few hours out on the 4th to drive out to West St Paul and visit our friends Matt and Liz. I hadn't had a chance to visit with them since he was in the hospital, so it was wonderful to see him at the next stage - the convalescent home. Hopefully he'll soon be able to return to his normal home permanently. I'm looking forward to that day and I know they are too. He's almost there, just a little more upper body strength and they'll release him.

We're back to hunting for insurance. I'm really tired of doing
this. It seems like I have to find new insurance or a new plan
every year since MinnSure started. What a mess! 

We have the less than wonderful task of finding a new health insurance carrier for next year. We've been with Blue Cross/Blue Shield since 2008, but they are pulling out of our market claiming it's too costly for them to maintain coverage here. There's little I dislike more than finding a new health insurance carrier, and I'll be joined by more than 100,000 other people who have received the same letter over the past week. All I can say is this really sucks!

The Minnesota Renaissance Festival is one of the larger and
longest continually operating fests in the nation, having started
in the early 1970's. We've been at our current grounds for a very
long time. Now we have time to set up our new location and still
enjoy the old one for a few more years. Huzzah! 

On the good news front, our Renaissance Festival announced some excellent news last week. When we left on the last day of Fest last fall, we had been told that the 2016 year would be the final year in the old location and that they were searching for a new location for the 2017 and subsequent Fests. Last week they announced that they have received a least extension for their current location through the 2019 season, and that they are beginning a build at a new location, set to open in 2020. No word on where the new location is, but I'm quite pleased that Fest seems to have settled down and has a firm plan for the future.

The fireworks shows around the metro area were long, loud, and
really lovely. I can't wait until the State Fair when I'll get to
see fireworks again. I love the colors, shapes and sparkling lights. 

I'm relieved to be back to a normal schedule. Of course, that's not really happening because I have to work for Chickie this coming Wednesday, and then she's out on vacation in Montana all of next week so I have a lot of work days (plus kitten care next week) staring me in the face. But, at least I'll be back at the gym and back into the pool again. I'm really looking forward to that! Have a wonderful Tuesday and thanks for all of the very kind wishes sent my way for the 4th of July celebration. The fireworks were loud, proud and totally wonderful.

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