Saturday, July 2, 2016

Happy July 4th Weekend

The refrigerator is bursting with food. It's a holiday weekend and DH felt impelled to purchase enough food to feed an army. Since we don't have an army, we'll have a lot of leftovers to take us through the next month - LOL. Monday is July 4th, a day off and one of those fun holidays. This holiday doesn't require pennance, you don't need to dress up or act up in any way at all. All that's necessary is to enjoy getting together with family and friends, throw food onto the grill, eat too much food (but oh so good!), and if so impelled (and in a fire-safe zone), settle down with a blanket and mosquito repellent to watch fireworks after dusk.

I love fireworks and having two days in a row off doesn't hurt,
either. We'll be cooking on the grill and celebrating along
with the rest of the nation. 

Monday is Independence Day here in the USA, and we'll be partying like the rest of the nation. I'll be back on Tuesday morning, ready to start losing whatever weight I've put on over the weekend. Here's hoping you have a great July 4th and a wonderful weekend. Happy Birthday US of A!

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