Thursday, July 7, 2016

Things Are Settling Once Again

After yesterday's disappointing and non-illustrated post, I'm back up and running once more. The storms of Tuesday night are behind us. Serious clean-up took place around the metro area yesterday because the weather was nice, lots of broken branches were gathered and damaged trees were cut and trimmed. Today we're back into more severe thunderstorms, but hopefully without the massive winds we had. The storm fried my large surge protector, but fortunately it did exactly what it was supposed to do - it protected my computer which came through unscathed. I purchased a new surge yesterday and installed it last night and I'm back up and running. Our land line finally came back yesterday afternoon, and our internet and cable were restored around 6:00 am yesterday. Now we're just drying out some remaining damp spots in the craft room and then we're back to normal.

Today we progress toward tomorrow's first day in the
Pyrenees. The mountains today aren't quite as high, but
there are some steep passages here. The sprinters will be
wishing we were back in Normandy and Brittany with
the flats. 

Today is Stage 6 of Le Tour, and as we head towards tomorrow's climb into the Pyrenees, I'm having a lot of fun watching the guys this time around. Yesterday we climbed into the Massif Central and tomorrow starts the high, narrow roads in the Pyrenees. Today is a bit less difficult in terms of height than yesterday's steep climbs, but Montauban has a history with Le Tour - teams in disgrace and injured riders litter its past with the Tour. I'll be watching, of course. Tomorrow we start the Pyrenees. I can't wait!

The winner of Stage 5 and new bearer of the Yellow Jersey is
Greg Van Avermaet riding for BMC. He was more than two
minutes ahead of his closest competition. The Massif Central
broke the ranks beautifully. It's a battle now! 

So now I'm happy because my computer is operational once more and Le Tour is back on, I'll head back to the gym today. Tuesday's swim was absolutely amazing. I was the ONLY person swimming in the indoor pool until my last lap, so it was like having a private pool. It was heavenly. I told the lifeguard as I left that I was sure he was bored to tears, but that I had experienced one of my long-held dreams of swimming my mile in a private pool. There's usually a positive out of every negative - LOL.

Have a wonderful Thursday. I'm crossing my fingers that today's severe thunderstorms are kinder than Tuesday night's were.

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