Friday, July 29, 2016

It Comes Down to Choice

So, the political conventions are over and the dust will settle. As happened in Minneapolis in 2008, the economic "boom" that was supposed to have accompanied the convention by delegates shopping or using local vendors and restaurants didn't really happen - at least not in Cleveland. Maybe Philadelphia was different, but probably not. But the conventions were different from earlier years, even if the delegates were not.

The 1968 Chicago Convention was televised brutality against anti-war
demonstrators and the Chicago police. It's still touted as the most
violent demonstrations to occur at any political convention in this country. 

The conventions were unusually contentious. Not since the riots outside of the 1968 Chicago convention during the Vietnam war have I seen such divisive delegates, platforms, and proposals. The lines are drawn and this time they are broad and colored an intense red or blue. This time there is no middle ground.

In the Obama vs Romney election, the red and blue states ended
up in this configuration. No big surprises here. I wonder how
different the map will look after the November election. 

There is a Green Party candidate, and the Libertarian candidate right now is polling more than 14% in the polls - higher than for many years. But politicians in America pay lip service to the voters and merely stride ahead to do what they want - accomplish their personal agenda and the populace be damned. Well, we're damned this time.

Donald Trump - Businessman turned Politician. Candidate for the
Republican Party. 

On the one hand we have the candidate who supposedly knows and understands finances, business and money. But he has run his own businesses into the ground multiple times, declared bankruptcy several times, and really needs to put a cage around that mouth of his. His off-the-cuff responses and remarks are disrespectful, prejudicial, and merely choose the target of the day from the piles of manure he's left behind him.

The Democratic Convention made history by nominating a female
for President. Hillary Clinton has the qualifications, but will
she get the voters? 

Then there is the democratic candidate. I'm actually thrilled that a woman has been nominated for the office, although in some areas that may work against her election instead of for it. But at least she understands women's issues - something that the Republicans will immediately move to eliminate. Unfortunately, with the Democratic candidate, there is an issue with trust. She trusts too much, and her explanations when she is caught in an error just don't follow through.

So here is the platform. We just have to live through a few more months
of hateful words pulling this nation apart before we can start hunting
for a band-aid to begin the healing process. Gah!!! I really hate politics sometimes. 

Truthfulness is not expected from anyone in politics, but it's a nice goal. I know who I'll vote for, but I'm not happy about either choice. Can we have a re-do? Have a great Friday, The weekend looms ahead and we'll actually have nice weather for it before going back into the high temps and humidity.

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