Saturday, July 30, 2016

Water and Water and Computers

There was only a single lifeguard yesterday so I ended up swimming in the outdoor pool yesterday. That's the Olympic-sized pool, 50 meters long. It's a lot of fun to swim in, and the water is wonderful, but it's quite a different workout than I get from the smaller, 25 yard pool I usually swim in during the week. 16 laps vs 36 laps means changing my workout quite a bit.

If I ever make it to Sydney, Australia, I'll have to check out
the Bondi pools. Just look at this wonderful location. 

The next heat wave isn't going to hit until next week, so it's been comfortable sleeping. When I get to the gym in the morning it's around 60 degrees F outside, so it makes for a cold walk to the pool, and an even colder wet walk from the pool back to the locker room. On Saturdays we only have the outdoor pool available for swimming, so I often will do the elliptical and recumbent bicycle in the gym instead. But today, I think I'll swim. Six days in a row for the water. SCORE!

It's a long swim, but such fun. My summer is running away, so I'll
take advantage and swim outdoors again today. 

The computer system I operate at the shop runs from a Win-98 platform on two computers from 1998. It's getting slower and slower and less dependable, but I looked into an upgrade of our sales program a couple of years ago and the price was more than $12,000. That was NOT going to happen. But it means that I'm limping along on a mechanical hard drive that has so many sector errors I can't even do a scan disk without compromising the system. I keep my fingers crossed.

I run two computers on Win 98, two on Windows XP, two
on Windows 7 and one on Windows 8.1. I tried Windows 10 and
hated it. I pulled that system back to 8.1. Yesterday was the
final day of the "Get Windows 10 For Free" never-ending update
requests. Now I can look at enabling automatic updates again. 

Yesterday the computers were acting up, but finally, after shutting down and restarting, things went smoothly again. Every day I'm crossing my fingers with our sales computers. They work great, but how long will they continue to? It's a bit frightening ...   I wonder if I can find a new hard drive for a Win 98 system out there for a reasonable cost? If so, Dale could probably install and dump everything over to the new drive. I'll have to think about this some more. Have a wonderful weekend. We'll be cooking T-bone steaks and butterfly shrimp on the grill for Sunday dinner. Yummy!

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