Wednesday, July 27, 2016

How About An Extra Few Hours Today?

So, to start out, "The Secret Life of Pets" was funny and adorable. The theatre was packed, but because it is reserved seating, Chickie and I didn't have to worry about finding seats, we just went to the ones on our ticket and settled down - each with our free popcorn and I with my hot dog. We watched the previews - nothing really blipped on our radar for later-in-the-year viewing - and got immersed in animated pets and their relationships and anxieties.

Max (the smaller dog) and Duke (the big, fluffy dog)
are rescued and then hunted down by Bunny. It sounds
really stupid, but the antics of the pets combined with
the ups and downs of New York made for a highly
entertaining movie. 

The story basically comes down to Max suddenly having to share his home with a new dog - Duke. While at the dog park they escape and are caught by animal control. On the way to the pound they are rescued by a totally crazy bunny and then set off to try and find their way home.

The rescuers are led by Gidget, the fluffy white dog in the
center with the pink bow in her hair. She's determined to
rescue Max. She's accompanied by two other dogs,
a very fat cat, a guinea pig, a canary and a hawk. 

Meanwhile, the fluffy white dog in the apartment across the street from Max realizes that he's missing and rallies (sometimes bullies) the other pets into joining her to find him. The action takes place throughout New York and into Brooklyn, encompasses a large variety of animals including cats, snakes, the bunny and an alligator, and has a happy ending. We laughed so much and the audience clapped when the film ended, so ... good job on "Pets". I give it 4-1/2 stars and recommend you go see it for a lighthearted night at the cinema.

Just a great reminder of the bond between humans and
their pets. It's wonderful to have fur children, and even
though I don't own any pets now, I have enjoyed sharing my
life with them in the past. 

Today is my "day off" but it starts by taking my computer to my computer guru for a new, much larger, solid state hard drive. It's always interesting to visit with Dale. I can guarantee he'll show me some really cool stuff he's building while I'm there, but visiting with him also will put a crunch in my time for the day. It's worth it, though. I'm really looking forward to the increased capacity.

I love my computer guru, he's really talented at hardware,
but specializes in that. Sometimes I have to go elsewhere
for answers on software questions, but he's built several
computers for me over the years and they've all been great. 

So have a wonderful Wednesday. I hope to catch up with Aearwen later today, get groceries, do laundry, and start the next phase of my library cleaning agenda. No rest, but that's expected for my 'day off'.

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