Monday, June 27, 2016

Sunday Cleaning Continues

It was a hot weekend and I'm really looking forward to getting into the pool in a little more than an hour. DH and I worked hard on Sunday, progressing in our cleaning the library and Sharon's Room. It's a slow slog, and we were hot since the fans weren't on in those rooms and we don't have air conditioning. But we got a lot done and ended the day with drinks and dinner at our local Mexican restaurant. Tequila is wonderful when trying to cool down.

I love a cool, crisp Patron margarita when it's hot outside. 

I've been working at cataloging our books - specifically our mass-market paperback books. The ones that we purchased when they were only $1.50-$2.95/each because some of the books I'm adding to the inventory are from as long ago as the late 1960's. The value of money was quite different then. So far I've cataloged and boxed 2000+ books. The double-deep shelving is starting to empty out. I'm now working on the second half of that shelving unit and hope to be finished with the majority of trade paperbacks within two weeks. Then I can dive into hardcovers, but one step at a time.

Here's where I left off after yesterday's work. The left side
is pulled open and both sides are empty. The right side is
still closed (there's another full rack of books behind these)
and I just got the start on these shelves. The empty 1-1/2 shelves
equals one totally full banker's box. 

Reading is life-blood for me. As soon as I could read, I was off and running. Reading opens new worlds to me and re-introduces me to old friends as I come across books I loved years ago. As I move through the stacks of books, holding and cataloging each one, I look on some as old friends and wonder how it is I haven't picked them back up for a while. Others I barely remember and still others were abandoned after a few chapters, never to be read again.

My copy of Robert Heinlein's "The Past
Through Tomorrow" is held together by
twine, it's been read so many times.
I probably should look into purchasing
this one in digital format. I love the
book, but am afraid to open it again. 

What makes a good book for me? Characters, plot, skill in pulling them together in a writing style that I enjoy burying myself in, all of these are important. There are books where one series was sterling but other books by the author proved disappointing. Those also are in our books because we bought subsequent books by known authors in the hopes of finding another gem, only to find glass instead. After we finally have the books culled, it will be a relief to get rid of the chaff. Those books that we keep will truly be those that we love or that we will continue referring to. It's a lot of work, but it's a win/win.

Niven and Pournell's "The Mote in God's
Eye" is another book I'll be keeping.
Classic, hard science fiction written by
authors who actually understand their
subject and who can present it in a way
that captures the reader's imagination. 

One thing this experience has brought forward to us is how much we enjoy e-books. That ability to have a library's worth of books in the palm of our hands without taking up shelf space is unique and heavenly. Here's hoping you have a wonderful and accomplished Monday. Enjoy and I'll be back tomorrow.

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