Saturday, June 25, 2016

Reading, Movies and the Weekend

It's the weekend and most of you have the days off. Up here in the frozen northlands it's going to be a hot one - 90's today and upper 80's tomorrow (32.5-29 C). I have a feeling people will be flocking to the parks, the zoo and, if they want to be cool, to the movies. Chickie wants to see "Finding Dory", but that's one movie I'm really uninterested in. "The Secret Life of Pets" will be opening soon, though, and I want to see that one - maybe more than once.

I'm really looking forward to "The Secret Lives of Pets". 

There was a legal settlement called the "Apple Settlement" that revolved around fixed prices for bestsellers and for electronic books published by specific publishers during an 18 month period. The settlement funds were allocated and assigned to purchasers this week based on their purchase history of books falling within the parameters. Chickie got $1.50! Whoopie! On the other hand, I ended up with almost $75 put into my Barnes & Noble account. I'm a seriously happy person with that! Unfortunately, DH didn't get anything. He started purchasing his ebooks after the termination date. The way I buy ebooks, I'll probably have the settlement used up within a month or so. But I'm pretty happy right now.

I read mostly from my cellphone. It's convenient and always
at hand. I love carrying something so light and small that
holds 1000's of books. 

Sometimes a character in a book can get under your skin. Of course Tolkien did that to me as a child - I've been deep into his writings since I was twelve years old and have re-read some of his books more than 100 times. I have other authors that I follow, though, and am currently re-reading one of the series I really enjoy because the final volume of the series just came live yesterday. I rarely deviate from my TBR list, it grows regularly as I find out about new books I'm interested in reading. But when it's a good book, it's always a pleasure to re-read. I'm enjoying this revisit through the characters very, very much.

I love re-reading books I've loved in the past. 

Enjoy your weekend and try to stay cool. Next month is the last week of June - have you made a good start on your summer (or winter) projects?

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