Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Reading or Music - Which Would You Choose?

Which do you enjoy more? Do you enjoy listening to music more than reading? Or would you choose a book over a soundtrack any time? I'm a bit torn on this question because music is the heartbeat that moves my day, but reading is the air that I breathe and just as essential.

I've read without musical accompaniment many times, but
usually the two activities come hand-in-hand for me.  

I generally have music on or in the background throughout most of my days, a strong bass and sharp drumming rhythm pulls me through each task. However, next to me is my phone with the page of my latest read on its screen. Sometimes I plug headphones into my phone, activate my Sirius XM to Octane (that's heavy metal), to accompany my e-book on the screen. I can't imagine my life without these two items underscoring my days.

It has been proven that the Angular gyrus, located in the left
temperal lobe, codes the written words you read into an
auditory cue. This allows for deeper comprehension of the
text. When listening to music while studying, the Antular
gyrus is overstimulated, decreasing memory retention. 

There are many people in the world who have preferences - who would choose one activity over the other. There are also times when combining the two may not be as effective, such as when studying for the purposes of retention such as for a school exam. I'm curious about where you would come into that. If forced to choose, which would you pick? Music or Reading?

Which door would you choose? In my life tho doors would
be labelled Reading, Music and Art. In your life, they
might be different choices. Which door is primary in your life? 

I suspect a world without music in it would make me extremely unhappy, but I have to choose reading over music. I adore music and it has been a daily part of my life throughout my life, but reading opens doors to me, introduces me to other people, cultures and thoughts. Which would you choose? Let me know your choice and have a thoughtful Tuesday.

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