Saturday, June 4, 2016

Packing For a Car Trip

I remember the days when I could pack lightly. Those were when I was beading and attending classes to learn more techniques with small pieces of glass, needles and thread. I'm not playing with beads often any more, instead I play with metal, flame, and molten glass. Packing for classes dealing with fabrication requires much more intensive tools and a lot more space.

One of my classes will make something similar to
this, but the centerpiece will be textured and
colored copper and the top/bottom/back will be
sterling silver. It should be quite pretty and fun. 

Of course I could just borrow tools, but I've assembled a nice collection of tools over the years and I also have a very nice traveling box that allows me to bring multiple hammers, a saw and blades, a lot of other smaller supplies and some larger ones like solid blocks of steel called bench blocks. None of this is lightweight and it doesn't pack easily - thus my tool box.

I'll also be taking a class to make these - lovely
wave bangles taught by Robyn Cornelius. I'm super
looking forward to the class I'll be taking from her. 

I'm very grateful that I'm driving on this trip. I'll be on the road for the next eight days, so I'll leave you here and admonish or advise all of you to be good, be creative, be kind and have fun. I'll have my laptop, but won't be posting my daily blog. Happy weekend and week, I'll be back to daily posting on the 13th.

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