Friday, June 3, 2016

It's Almost Time For Another Adventure

DH is walking around the house looking like a depressed puppy. He hates it when I leave him. He's not a super demonstrative person, but having me around keeps him level and allows him a lot of freedom in his own life and goals. All of that hits the fan when I'm away because he can't sleep in (not that he really does very often), he must stick to a schedule, and since he works in my stead, he has to be at work for six days in a row. He's depressed.

He's wearing his sad puppy dog face. It's so sad, it's cute! 

That doesn't mean he doesn't support my going to the show and taking the classes I'm signed up to take. On the contrary, he knows that classes and workshops are what I adore and he supports me all the way. But he doesn't have anyone to talk to at night, nobody is around to share chocolate with while watching TV, and it's not as much fun watching the Stanley Cup Finals without someone to vent to. Yes, I'm only a phone call away, but talking to me only makes him more depressed.

Texting is how we stay in touch all day. We're back and
forth about product questions, reminders, and general
nonsense throughout the day. 

So this time we'll text a lot. He's really gotten into texting over the past two years since I first bought him a smart phone, and it's an easy way to keep in touch. I'll also be phoning him in the early mornings to waken him - a personal alarm clock, in essence. Those calls are short, though. He's not a person who awakens bright, alert and cheery.

I do believe it's time for another adventure. 

Today I'm taking a critical last look to see what I still need to pack, checking out that I have enough money set aside to pay for this and that (and meals and hotel, etc, etc) and trying to find those last minute things I need to stick into my luggage like a beading mat and my favorite lipstick color. There's always something I forget, and I would like to keep it minimal.

Happy Friday to all. I'll be posting tomorrow and then I'll be silent for a week while I play with metal and fire.

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