Thursday, June 2, 2016

Packing and Phones - My Wednesday

My suitcase is going to weigh a ton, it's a good thing I'm driving, not flying. I packed clothing, exercise clothing, projects to work on and sundry things like bottled water and protein bars yesterday. It was rather fun to pull some things out of my closet that I hadn't worn forever and have them fit and look good, while others will have to go to the Goodwill after my return because they're WAY too big now. What fun!

I have three different Goodwill Store locations that I pass by
on a daily basis. It's really easy for me to drop things off, and
I get a donation deduction for my taxes at the end of the year. 

The day started out rather rocky, though. Even though I rely on my cellphone for almost everything, we have a land line as a backup. I was phoning DH yesterday for his morning wake-up call when the phone died. I heard non-stop ringing on my end, he had a click and then nothing on his end. A call into CenturyLink (grrrrrrrr) caused a repair ticket to be issued. The tech was supposed to arrive anytime between 10:30 am and 7:30 pm. Oy!!! One more good reason why I was home all day - packing notwithstanding.

I've checked all of our phones, and they are all
affected - wired and wireless. Everything on our end
seems to be functioning correctly, so it's the line. 

A call in to CenturyLink for an update late in the afternoon resulted in a new time frame - between 5:33 pm and 6:37 pm. Then a phone call (to my cellphone) from the tech assigned, pulled the entire mess over once more and now he will arrive between 8:30 am and 9:00 am TODAY. *sigh*

I want this dog and pony show to get going,
already. CenturyLink is abysmal in terms of
a swift repair. We're seriously thinking about
switching to a digital phone instead of a wired one. 

I'll be packing my tools up today while I'm at the shop, so getting the line fixed will be DH's dog and pony show, not mine. What a wasted day in some respects, but an excellent one in others. We do need our phone line fixed, though. Hopefully it can be resolved quickly and with minimal (read NO) extra expense.

The suitcase will be very full, but I think I got everything packed
except the little bit of laundry I'll do on Saturday night before
I leave. I'm starting to really look forward to the trip! 

Here's hoping you have a tremendous Thursday. I'm starting to get psyched about my vacation next week, and DH is already in a funk because I won't be here - he hates it when I'm not around to keep him company. He'll live.

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