Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Sleepless in Minnesota

For the second night in the last four, I had a very restless and sleepless night. I should have just given up on sleep at 1:30 am and caught up on my emails, but I tried to get that extra 1-3/4 hours instead. It was almost worthless, but I felt I had to try.

I can't stop my thoughts from whirling around just now. Hopefully,
by the end of the day I will have accomplished enough to set them
to rest again for a while. 

Today I'm trying to wrap up a lot of things before I leave on Sunday morning. I will be packing, organizing, making sure I have all of my paperwork and scheduling set, and accessing cash because I don't want to be paying for smaller items on my credit card while on the road. Thoughts about all of that, as well as what I need to have complete before I leave town, are whirling in my brain - thus, no sleep.

Maybe in all of those whirling thoughts, I'll come up with
a bright idea or two (or even three!). 

A short post today, though. My thoughts won't let me settle down enough for a reasonable post here either. Tomorrow will be better ... I will at least have accomplished something today. Have a great Wednesday and I'll be back, hopefully rested, tomorrow.

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