Monday, June 13, 2016

Playtime - When Does It Change?

I'm back (trying to catch up on innumerable emails and backlogged work) and have to post, of course. I'll give a report on my week playing with metal and fire another day this week, but that's adult play. While stopping for a quick meal on the way home yesterday, I saw the two young boys in the three photos below playing. Their innocent self-focus made me think: "When do our thoughts of allowable play shift?"

The boy in the left is wearing a wolf ears headdress. 

The boy on the right is wearing a red superhero cape. 

Each boy looked to be between 6 and 8 years old. 

The two boys were totally into their friendship, the food, and weren't self conscious about their outfits at all. The parents supported them wearing ears and capes in public, after all, they were in a crowded restaurant. But what if an adult or a pair of adults had worn the ears and the cape? Would glances cast at the two be as indulgent unless they were attending a convention such as Dragon Con or Comic Con? When do those attitudes of "let kids be kids" change to "grow up and act your age"?

I play with metal, chemicals and fire. I'm not taking my toys to my local restaurant. But seeing these two young men dress up without hesitation led me to share their happiness with all of you. Go out and play today. I'll start some catch-up blogs tomorrow, but have to drive through the thunderstorms to the gym today. I gained five pounds over my week of meals out and crazy fun. Time to get those pounds back off again. Happy Monday!

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