Saturday, May 14, 2016

Weekend Plans

Another weekend and another week is almost gone. I'm working today, but I'm looking forward to tomorrow's breakfast, movie, and dinner out belated birthday celebration with DH. We'll eat at my favorite breakfast place. I'll probably have something really mundane - one egg, two pieces of bacon and two pieces of toast - and DH will have an omelette. Then off to the cinema.

I'm really looking forward to seeing "Captain America Civil War". It's
bringing back characters I've learned to really enjoy on the big
screen, and adding the newest ones like Falcon to the mix. It''ll
be a fun film to see. 

"Captain America: Civil War" is the newest addition to the Marvel Comic Universe movie lineup. The reviews have been excellent. It makes me wonder why they do so well with this franchise when the DC franchise (Batman, Superman, Justice League, etc) has so many epic fails on the big screen. I asked Chickie's opinion and she placed it at the foot of Joss Whedon, screenwriter and director. That might well be the truth. He certainly started the latest incarnation and sweep with "The Avengers".

The fishing opener used to be on Mother's Day, but the legislature
changed the date to the week after to allow families to celebrate
their mothers instead of the fish. 

Today is the official opening day of this year's fishing season and lots of anglers are on their boats in the middle or near the shorelines of many of our 10,000+ lakes, waiting to tickle a fish onto their line and land their first muskie or walleye pike of the season. But today's cold - really cold. Here in the cities we've had an unusual cold snap over the past few days, and today is just a few degrees above freezing. So all of those fishermen will be shivering in their fall hunting gear while doing an activity that normally is considered one way to cool down in the summer heat.

I love my Lilies of the Valley. My DH has made sure we have them
growing everywhere we've lived. They are my visible indication
of spring, along with flowering trees and totally crazy birds. 

I'm going to have a great weekend and I hope all of my readers also do. It's May, the Lilies of the Valley have started to bloom, the trees are fully covered in their spring green leaves, and the birds are going crazy trying to hatch their eggs and feed their young. A parent' job is never done. Have a great weekend!

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