Friday, May 13, 2016

Food - Sweet, Salty and Portion Control

The world seems determined to make me fat. My friends know that I don't want or need more "stuff", so for several days I've been receiving birthday gifts of food and chocolate. What's not to like? I love food and I love chocolate. But I have to space these things out or all of those good wishes will end up resting on my hips - NOT good.

Chickie brought me a slice of Lemon Chiffon cake yesterday as
my birthday gift from her (along with a GREAT card and some
chocolates). I couldn't let it sit around and it was SOOOOO good! 

So I'm rationing and sharing. I admit that the slice of lemon cake and the lemon cupcake I got disappeared pretty quickly. The mini brownies I got are lovely and I'm splitting those with DH - it will take a couple of days to eat them and they are delightful. The sea salt caramel chocolates from Chickie and the German dark chocolate bar sent by a friend in Bavaria will be eaten slowly - chocolate isn't harmed by my being patient, and our weather isn't so hot that keeping it refrigerated is mandatory (yet).

There's something totally decadent about dark chocolate, but
I enjoy chocolate of any color (except white. White isn't a
color or a chocolate). 

But the best thing about food gifts is if I space these out, and if I keep on exercising, their impact on my weight will be a minor blip and I'll enjoy the treat and the thoughtfulness, but not to excess.

Portion control is difficult to learn and practice. When DH grills
steaks, I usually get 2-3 meals from it. He eats the whole thing
at one sitting, complains about being too full, and gripes about
his weight gain. At least he does work out on the treadmill
several times a week. 

I don't have serious problems with portion and food control, although I know people who are compelled to eat something they open, no matter now much it is or how well it could stretch over several days. I'm very grateful that isn't a problem of mine - I have other food issues instead. I'm sure almost everyone has some thing or another regarding food that they wished they handled better.

Although in excess, both salt and sugar are bad for you, sugar
is more harmful. Sugar can magnify the effects of salt and it
can also lead to high blood pressure. The release of insulin to
rid the body of sugar leaves the kidneys more vulnerable to
retaining sodium. Bad thing! 

DH is a sugar addict, I prefer salt. He has to have something sweet every day - usually chocolate or ice cream. I'm finding bite-sized Tostitos is my downfall and I will have to start some serious portion control with these because I'm eating WAY too many of them as my after-dinner snack. What about you? Do you have a food trigger? Do you love sugar and have to eat something sweet every day? What about salty, spicy, or tangy foods? Do you enjoy cooking or inventing new food combinations? Share with me. Happy Friday - the end of the week is finally here and we're winding down to entering the weekend tomorrow.

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