Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thanks For A Great Birthday

Thanks to so many people for the birthday greetings. I'm grateful I don't put my birthdate on FaceBook, I would have a bunch more greetings. Maybe down the line I'll revisit that policy and add it back to public record. But to all who did post or email to wish me a happy birthday, THANK YOU, THANK YOU and THANK YOU for helping make it a very special day for me. *Hugs* all around!

Thanks to everyone for the public and private messages and
good wishes. You made my day very special! 

After my swim (happy me), I started the day out with a doctor appointment - a strange way to begin a day of celebration, but I had a health concern and wanted to touch base with her. It turned out to be nothing (insert sign of relief here - LOL), but we had some time so I discussed the fact that I'm plateaued at my weight loss and asked how/where I should be going from here. She said some interesting things that I hadn't thought about before.

I shouldn't lose quite as much weight as I had intended or it might
be unhealthy for me. I hadn't thought about some of the things my
doctor discussed with me. 

As I get older, the idea of reserves to call upon become important. I suppose it's rather like a bear being able to call upon its reserves as it hibernates over the winter months. In the case of people, especially women who are more prone to broken bones or hips like I am, it's important to have some fat/energy reserves to call upon in cases of illness or injury.

So, instead of losing another 25 pounds, which had been part of my original plan, she would like me to keep it down to a maximum of 10 more pounds, not going below a certain point. This will allow my body to work a bit harder and keep my borderline osteoporosis bones working with resistance during my daily activities. She also gave me high fives for my exercise regime and what I've accomplished in the past year+. All in all, what could have been a bad start to the day, turned into a totally positive experience.

I collect Target gift cards when I purchase multiples
of items that qualify. I then stash them until I have enough'
to buy something I really want. I wanted/needed a pair
of black jeans that wouldn't fall off my hips. It was a
good use for $20 worth of saved up cards. 

High on that news (and with giftcards in hand) I went to Target for my monthly shop and added a new pair of black jeans and a great long-sleeved top to match in a summer-weight fabric to my shopping cart. They have now been washed and dried and are awaiting their debut to the general public when our weather gets warmer once more (it's really cold again right now - sigh).

I really love Red Lobster. I realize my friends on the East Coast
might shiver, thinking that their lobsters are fresher and better, and
they might be. But I live far inland and this is as close to a
Maine lobster as I'll probably ever get. 

DH and I will celebrate my birthday on Sunday with breakfast, "Captain America: Civil War" and a nice dinner at Red Lobster to top off the day. I'm already looking forward to it - a fun day spent with my best guy. Here's hoping your Thursday is terrific.

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