Monday, May 16, 2016

Traveling and Packing

Yesterday DH and I celebrated my birthday a few days late. We had a great day - good breakfast, a good movie - "Captain America: Civil War" (excellent, BTW!!!), a wonderful early dinner at Red Lobster and ended the day by sharing a very decadent mini "Death by Chocolate" cake while watching "Map of Hell". We sneaked in a quick trip to Home Depot to look at paving blocks for a retaining wall that DH wants to build, and we bought a rake since our other one had died over the fall. The weather was perfect, the movie was REALLY GOOD! and we had a wonderful time.

My annual trip to Milwaukee is coming up.
I guess I'd better start thinking about what
to pack, and get my toolkit in order. 

Today I'm fully settling back in my normal life once more, but I glanced at the calendar and realized that I am leaving for Bead & Button Show in less than a month. Oy!!! I have to get my act together, get my tools packed and get ready for the trip. I'm no superhero - I can't travel with weapons, a skin suit, and nothing else.

So, she's got a plane and he flies. She can
probably store a change of clothes in her plane,
but what about Superman. Those muscles
aren't going to be easily hidden in an
off-the-rack suit. 

Don't you wonder, sometimes, about how superheros manage to travel the way that they do? Sure, Wonder Woman owns her own plane, and it's even invisible. Superman can fly anywhere in the blink of an eye, but somehow he manages to pack along a suit, tie, button-down, underwear and even dress shoes - all that while wearing a onesie with a cape. Where do his clothes hide?

I was always a huge Green Lantern fan, but where
did his clothes go when he wasn't fighting in
alien worlds? Were they shrunk down and
stored in the ring? 

What about heroes who are more down-to-earth? Batman has his gadgets, the Bat Car, the Bat Cave, and of course, a butler. Oy - a butler! Green Arrow just goes around looking like a Robin Hood knock-off in green, Green Lantern is another onesie guy, and Spiderman just stuffs his uniform in the corner of his closet or, in the case of the newest incarnation, above the dropped ceiling.

Although "Hunger Games" caused a resurgence in archery interest,
I was interested from childhood because I really liked
Green Arrow. The "Arrow" TV series was pretty horrid, though. 

I can't seem to travel that lightly, and I'd make a guess that most of you also can't. I need to have my identification, car keys, and phone (a very important thing!!!). I often have a change of clothes in the back of my car since I'm traveling back and forth from the gym. If I'm on a trip, I have several changes of clothing along with grooming items - toothbrush and paste, hair conditioner and shampoo, and a comb. I can't seem to travel for a trip of several days duration without at least one suitcase, and if I'm doing workshops and classes, there's usually a second carry-along involved that carries my tools and supplies. I can't pack super light.

I travel quite a bit lighter than Nicole Kidman in this scene from "Australia" .

But I'm not the woman from the old movies with a car full of luggage, either. I've learned to pack light and lean. I'm not superhero light, but I'm not Joan Collins heavy. I'm somewhere in between in my packing style, and I guess that's OK. Do you travel? When you do, do you pack lightly or are you experienced in packing just the minimum for the trip? Do you have any trips planned for later in the year? Maybe you need to start shopping now! LOL. Have a great Monday.

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