Thursday, May 5, 2016

Sharing A Beautiful Day

Yesterday was one of those stunning and almost perfect days of early spring that remind me how much I love living up here. I had errands taking me out and about, but between them I took the time to photograph some of our flowering trees. It's very early spring here, so not a lot of flowers are in bloom yet (one exception in the photos below), but we have trees in flower and they're beautiful.

A lot of houses have large flowering trees in front
of them. The lilac bushes are also almost ready to
burst into flower. It's such a pretty time of the year. 

In one of the local parts, these trees were shedding their blossoms. It
almost looked like a spring snowstorm, but it was warm and breezy
instead of cold and ooky,  You can see the fallen blossoms on the
walkway between the trees. 

Take a look at the shed blossoms along the walkway. That's
all from the tree on the right of the photo above. It's
lovely, and I don't have to shovel it. Huzzah! 

I loved this row of bi-colored trees in front of a local
church. They compliment each other so well and I love
how they spread out and take over. 

It was blue sky, sunshine, and lots of birds chirping
and flitting around everywhere. I was delighted to
have such a beautiful day for my errands. Sunny days
like this lead to May Flowers like the ones below. 

I actually drove back around to return to this house. The side yard
is full of tulips of every color, from almost black to bright yellow.
Behind the tree you can catch a small glimpse of their front yard.
It's also filled with the blooms. The house was nothing special, but
oh, those flowers! 

On that note, I'm just going to leave you to look around you at the beauty of your area. I'm off to rejoin the human race at the gym, but hope I've succeeded in adding a bit of joy to your day. Happy Thursday to all!

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