Friday, May 6, 2016

What A Busy Two Days

It's a busy week. Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo - celebrated as a remembrance of Mexican history and culture (and the drinking of Margaritas) throughout the USA. On a more world-wide basis, yesterday was also Holocaust Remembrance Day. Having both of these days on the same date scrambled my mind a bit. Should I celebrate the joy of one of my favorite nations, a place where I spent a lot of time while growing up? Or should I spend the day in more quiet reflection trying to wrap my head around how truly vicious mankind can be toward each other? I didn't come up with any resolution to the opposing calendrical notations, but I did share a couple of margaritas with DH.

The best part about having Cinco de Mayo on a weekday, is
that the celebration can continue on for a few more days.
West Side will be officially celebrating on Saturday, but
a lot of other areas in town will celebrate today or just
continue celebrating throughout the weekend ahead. 

Last night was the final episode of Project Runway All Stars Season Five and we now have a winner. If you didn't see the final episode and want to catch up a bit later, I'll put the final winner under a cut in my DW and LJ postings. Sorry that my Blogspot post isn't as easily accommodated.

Ken, Dom and Kini (l to r) were the final three designers in
Project Runway All Stars 2016. They had four days to make
a collection of eight outfits, one of which was for a male model.
LOTS of work!!! I looked for fashion photos to share, but they're
not posted yet. Maybe later this weekend. 

The season came down to Ken - who once again just didn't push himself out of his comfort zone with the exception of allowing a single color - yellow - to enter his usual black/white no prints allowed palette.

Kini couldn't seem to settle. He wanted a progression of grey to color, but it didn't flow and he had two total duds in the eight-piece collection.

Then there was Dom, who soared. When confronted with the safe, she chose the edgy. She allowed her artistic tendency to shine by once again painting her fabric, and what she painted was stunning and abstract. She paired that with a gentle black and white stripe, did great styling, and won the prize. It was well deserved. Although she had a few clunks during the season's challenges, she has a style of her own that comes through in every piece and when she was allowed to do her own thing, her voice was strong and unmistakable.

Psychoanalysis isn't for me, although I've tried it on and off over the
years, but I know people who have been helped by it a great deal.
Here's to you, Sigmund! 

Finally, to add one more thing to the 48 hours, today is Sigmund Freud's 160th birthday. It's hard to imagine a world where psychoanalysis isn't an option for people who need that help, but that was the case for most of humanity's history. I've tried working with a "shrink" a few times, but didn't find it worked for me. Others have been helped by their therapists, though, so perhaps it was just the person I was seeing or my particular reticent nature when it comes to personal issues.

Have a great Friday! We'll be in sunshine and the beginning of a few days of 80 degree and sunny! I might even have to turn on the air conditioning at the shop. What a change from a few months ago.

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