Monday, April 25, 2016

A Lazy Sunday

On Saturday night I picked up a needle, thread and a group of beads for the first time in a long time. It was really pleasant to return to a craft that I have done for more than 40 years, and try out a new project with some of the new style beads. A project in the June/July issue of "Beadwork" magazine had caught my eye and I wanted to see if it could be done with beads I have available for my customers instead of the beads they listed. The basic answer is "Yes, the project can be done that way," but even better for me was "Yes, I still enjoy playing with beads and thread."

There are so many patterns out there using new beads. The
one I'm working on isn't quite done yet, so you'll have to live
with this one as another pretty one to look at. Pretty is good, right! 

Sunday was a kick-back day for DH and me - we really didn't do a lot. We watched the Twins (baseball) lose in 15 innings (boo-hiss) and the Wild lose after a long review of a last minute possible goal (very sad, but a great third period). So, once again Minnesota teams lost. It's still a long season ahead for baseball, but that's the end of our active hockey season and now we're just watching other teams compete for Lord Stanley's Cup. *sigh*

Losing again was the pits, but not unexpected. The Wild just
can't seem to put together three consistent periods of great
hockey. What really hurt was playing against the Dallas
Stars - the team that used to be our own Minnesota North Stars
until a former owner moved them south. 

Sunday was a dreary and rainy day for most of it, starting out with thunderstorms. Chickie was supposed to participate in a bike ride with other biking friends from her YMCA, and had mentioned that she wouldn't go if it was raining. But I saw on her facebook page that she did go after all, although she only rode for 15 miles instead of the 30 miles she did in the same ride last year. Still, well done, Chickie!

So I'm headed to the pool today and then to work. Enjoy your day.

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